Table tennis at the 1992 Summer Olympics

The table tennis competition at the 1992 Summer Olympics consisted of four events.[1]

Table tennis
at the Games of the XXV Olympiad
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VenueEstació del Nord Sports Hall
Dates28 July to 6 August 1992
Competitors159 from 48 nations
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Participating nationsEdit

A total of 159 athletes (80 men and 79 women), representing 48 NOCs, competed in four events.[2]

Medal summaryEdit

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's singles
Jan-Ove Waldner
Jean-Philippe Gatien
Kim Taek-soo
  South Korea
Ma Wenge
Men's doubles
  Lü Lin
and Wang Tao (CHN)
  Steffen Fetzner
and Jörg Roßkopf (GER)
  Kang Hee-chan
and Lee Chul-seung (KOR)
  Kim Taek-soo
and Yoo Nam-kyu (KOR)
Women's singles
Deng Yaping
Qiao Hong
Li Bun-hui
  North Korea
Hyun Jung-hwa
  South Korea
Women's doubles
  Deng Yaping
and Qiao Hong (CHN)
  Chen Zihe
and Gao Jun (CHN)
  Li Bun-hui
and Yu Sun-bok (PRK)
  Hyun Jung-hwa
and Hong Cha-ok (KOR)

Medal tableEdit

1  China3216
2  Sweden1001
3  France0101
5  South Korea0055
6  North Korea0022
Totals (6 entries)44816


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