Yoo Nam-kyu

Yoo Nam-kyu (born June 4, 1968) is a male former table tennis player from South Korea who competed in the 1988, the 1992 and in the 1996 Summer Olympics.[1]

Yoo Nam-kyu
Yoo Nam-Kyu.jpg
Full nameYoo Nam-kyu
Nationality South Korea
Korean name
Revised RomanizationYu Namgyu
McCune–ReischauerYu Namgyu

Table tennis careerEdit


In 1988 he won the gold medal in the men's singles and the bronze medal in the men's doubles together with Ahn Jae-hyung. Four years later he won the bronze medal in the men's doubles together with Kim Taek-soo. In Atlanta 1996 he won again the bronze medal in the men's doubles this time together with Lee Chul-seung.

World ChampionshipsEdit

He won six World Championship medals[2][3] including a gold medal in the mixed doubles with Hyun Jung-hwa at the 1989 World Table Tennis Championships.[4]


In the 1985/1986[5] season he played in the Swedish first league for Ängby SK. In 1986 he won the Asian Games both in singles and in team.


He is currently[when?] the head coach of South Korea's national men's team.

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