The Taça Ioduran (English: Ioduran Cup), was the third interstate clubs competition realized in Brazil, after Taça Salutaris (1911), and Taça dos Campeões Estaduais (1913 and 1914). The tournament consists of the clash between São Paulo champions and Rio de Janeiro champions.[1]

Taça Ioduran
Organising bodyAPSA (SP) – LMDT (DF)
Country Brazil
Number of teams2
Most championshipsAmerica, Fluminense and Paulistano (1 title)

In two of the three editions of the competition, the result was decided by W/O. This was due to the fact that CA Paulistano refused to face America in 1917 and Fluminense in 1919.[2]

List of Champions edit

Year Champion Final Score Runners-up
1917 America
1916 Campeonato Carioca winners
W/O Paulistano
1916 Campeonato Paulista winners
1918 Paulistano
1917 Campeonato Paulista winners
3–2 Fluminense
1917 Campeonato Carioca winners
1919 Fluminense
1918 Campeonato Carioca winners
W/O Paulistano
1918 Campeonato Paulista winners

1918 Taça Ioduran edit

Below is the information about the only edition of the tournament that was actually decided on the field.[3]

Fluminense  2–3  Paulistano
Machado   11'
Zezé   39'
Report[3] Zonzo   50'
Mário Andrada   65', 86'
Attendance: 5.000
Referee: Antônio Augusto de Almeida

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