Federal District of Brazil (1891–1960)

The Federal District (Portuguese: Distrito Federal) was an administrative division of Brazil created by the Brazilian Constitution of 1891.[1] During the Empire of Brazil the administrative unit that corresponded to this territory was designated the Neutral Municipality (Município Neutro).[1] It was a legal entity under public law until 1960, in the territory corresponding to the current municipality of Rio de Janeiro.[2]

Federal District of Brazil
Distrito Federal do Brasil
Federation unit of Brazil
Flag of Federal District

Location of the state of Rio de Janeiro (light yellow) and the now-defunct Federal District (red) in Brazil.
CapitalRio de Janeiro
 • Coordinates22°55′S 43°28′W / 22.917°S 43.467°W / -22.917; -43.467
 • TypePresidential republic
• Constitution of 1891
24 February 1891
3 October 1930
18 September 1946
• Creation of Brasília
21 April 1960
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Neutral Municipality
Guanabara (state)

With the transfer of the capital to the recently created city of Brasília, the new Federal District was created in the Brazilian Highlands in 1960.[3][4] From 1960 to 1975 the same territory existed as the State of Guanabara,[5] which in turn was incorporated into the municipality of Rio de Janeiro.

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