Syrian Olympic Committee

The Syrian Olympic Committee (Arabic: اللجنة الأولمبية السورية) is the National Olympic Committee in Syria for the Olympic Games movement. It is a non-profit organization led by the Syrian Arab Republic that selects players and teams to represent the nation, and raises funds to send to Olympic events organized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).[1]

Syrian Olympic Committee
Syrian Olympic Committee logo
Country/Region Syria
HeadquartersDamascus, Syria
PresidentFeras Mouala
Secretary GeneralSalah Al-Khatib
WebsiteOfficial website


The Syrian Olympic Committee was established in 1948[2] and in the same year he was admitted to International Olympic Committee.[3][4]

Mowaffak Joumaa served as President of the Syrian Olympic Committee and the General Sports Federation from 2010 to 2020, then he became an honorary president, and was succeeded by Feras Mouala who served as Secretary General from 2010 to 2019.[5]

A parallel unrecognized committee, named the Syrian National Olympic Committee, was created in 2016 during the Syrian civil war by the Syrian opposition claiming the legitimacy of Syria's representation at the Olympics.[6]

List of presidentsEdit

The following is a list of presidents of the Syrian Olympic Committee and the General Sports Federation since 1995.

President Term
Nouri Barakat 1995–2002
Kamal Taha 2003–2005
Fayssal Al Bassri 2005–2009
Farouk Bouzo 2009 (Acting)
Mowaffak Joumaa 2010–2020
Feras Mouala 2020–present

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