Farouk Bouzo

Farouk Bouzo (Arabic: فاروق بوظو‎; born 3 March 1938 Damascus, Syria) was a retired Syrian international football referee,[1] professional soldier as General of the Syrian Air Force.


Farouk Bouzo was a FIFA referee during 1969–1980. He officiated an international match in 1978 FIFA World Cup Group stages.[2] The first Syrian referee to lead a match at a World Cup and first referee to receive a 10 (highest recognition) grade for his great performance in a World Cup match from his inspector.[3] He also officiated three matches in the 1977 FIFA World Youth Championship.[4] He gave two yellow cards in World Cup match between Germany and Mexico (6–0) to German and Mexican each one.[5]

Below his match that officiated in World Cup:

Date Match Team1 Score Score Team2 venue
6 June 1978 WC 1978 Group Germany 6 0 Mexico Córdoba

After careerEdit

Secretary-General of the Syrian Football Association since 1976 and President from 1982 to 1994. After his retirement from referee career, Bouzo became National Referee Coordinator and chairman of the AFC referees committee.[6]


In 1996, he was awarded with Order of Merit by FIFA which is medal of the referees.

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