Abrar Hussain (boxer)

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Abrar Hussain (Urdu: ابرار حسین‎, February 9, 1961 – June 16, 2011)[1] was a professional Pakistani welterweight and Light-middleweight boxer. Hussain represented Pakistan at the 1984, 1988, and 1992 Summer Olympics.[2] In 1985 South Asian Games, he won a Gold medal for Pakistan in Dhaka.[1] In 1990 Asian Games, Hussain secured Gold medal in boxing for Pakistan.[3] He also represented his country at the 1990 Commonwealth Games.[4]

Abrar Hussain
ابرار حسین
Abrar Hussain (boxer).jpg
Real nameSyed Abrar Hussain Shah
Height5 ft 9 in (175 cm)
Born(1961-02-09)February 9, 1961
Mehrabad Alamdar Road, Quetta, Pakistan
DiedJune 16, 2011(2011-06-16) (aged 50)
Quetta, Pakistan

He was the Deputy Director of Pakistan Sports Board[3] and chairman of Provincial Sports Board in Pakistani province of Balochistan.[5] He was shot dead outside of his office in southwestern city of Quetta on June 16, 2011 by two unknown gunmen on motorbike[6] He belonged to a minority ethnic group of Hazara and followed the Shia sect of Islam. His killing was allegedly inspired by sectarianism.[7]

Early lifeEdit

Hussain was born February 9, 1961,[1] in Mehrabad, Alamdar Road, a Hazara ethnic neighborhood in southwestern city of Quetta, Pakistan. Some sources list his birth date as February 9, 1965.[2][8][9]


In 1983 Hussain made his international debut in Asian Boxing Championship in Japan where he won a bronze medal.[8]

In 1984 Hussain represented Pakistan in Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. He participated in boxing men's welterweight and was ranked 17T.

In 1988 Hussain represented Pakistan in Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea. He participated in men's Light-middleweight and was ranked 9T.

In 1992 Hussain represented Pakistan in Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain. He participated in men's Light-middleweight was ranked 17T.[2]

In 1985 Hussain represented Pakistan in South Asian Games in 1985 South Asian Games in Dhaka, Bangladesh and won a gold medal.[1]

In 1990 Hussain represented Pakistan in the Asian Games of 1990 and won a gold medal.[1][8]


Hussain was awarded the order of Sitara-i-Imtiaz (Star of Excellence), the third highest honour and civilian award in the State of Pakistan. He was also bestowed the Pride of Performance, one of the highest civil awards conferred by the Pakistan Government on Pakistani civilians in recognition of distinguished merit in the fields of Literature, Arts, Sports, Medicines, and Science.[1][3][10][11]


Hussain was shot dead outside of his office near Ayub National Stadium, on June 16, 2011, by unidentified gunmen on motorbike. He was shot several times and also received bullet in the head he was rushed to the nearest hospital but died before any medical assistance.[1][5][8][11][12][13] The banned Pakistani sectarian, terrorist militant group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) claimed the responsibility for his killing.[10] He was one of the victims of thousands of Shia Hazara killings in Quetta.


Hussain's body was taken to his home in a procession, a very large number of people attended his funeral. He was buried in Behesht-e-Zainab Hazara cemetery on Alamdar road, Quetta.[10]


No arrests were made by police[5][13] and demonstration was held by large number of people from Shia Hazara community demanding arrest of the killers.[10]

The Chief Minister and Governor expressed grief on his death.[8]

The Pakistan Boxing Federation named his death an irreparable loss to the sport. Pakistani boxer Muhammad Waseem expressed grief and said that it was huge loss. The PBF postponed the national tournaments including NBP National Raking Tournament in Quetta and Youth boxing tournament in Karachi.[1]


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