Strada statale 234 Codognese

The strada statale 234 "Codognese" (SS 234) was an Italian state road, created in 1959 and disestablished in 2000. It begun in Pavia and ended in Cremona, going through the Po Valley in the Lombardy region.

State Highway 234 shield}}
State Highway 234
Strada statale 234
Route information
Maintained by ANAS
Length73.600 km (45.733 mi)
Major junctions
Highway system
Strade Statali of Italy
SS 233 SS 235


The road was created in 1959 with the following route: "Junction with the state road nr. 35 in PaviaCodogno – Junction with the state road n. 10 in Cremona." and a length of 73.600 km (45.733 mi).[1] The road was called "Codognese", from the town of Codogno located along it.

In 1998 the government decided to devolve to the Regions all the state roads that were not considered of "national importance".[2] The list of those roads, compiled in 2000, defined the state road nr. 234 of "regional interest", and therefore it was devolved to the Lombardy region. At this time, the road resulted 72.395 km (44.984 mi) long.[3]


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