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Stephen VIII Báthory (Hungarian: Báthory István, pronounced [ˈbaːtori ˈiʃtvaːn]) (1477–1534) was a Hungarian noble.

Stephen Báthory
Died1534 (aged 56–57)
SpouseCatherine Telegdi
FatherNicholas Báthory
MotherSophia Bánffy of Losonc

He was a son of Nicholas Báthory (1462–1500) of the Somlyó branch of the Báthory family.

He was appointed in In 1521 adjoint of the Voivode of Transylvania, and served under the Voivode John Zápolya. After the Battle of Mohács in 1526, Stephen supported Zápolya's claim to the Kingship of Hungary and in 1529 was made Voivode of Transylvania.

He fathered eight children with his wife Catherine Telegdi.


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