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Catherine Telegdi (hun. Katalin Telegdi) (1492–1547)[1] was a Hungarian noble lady, the daughter of royal treasurer Stephen Telegdi and his wife Margit Bebek de Pelsőcz.[1]

Catherine Telegdi
Died1547 (aged 54–55)
Noble familyTelegdi of Kincstartó
Spouse(s)Stephen VIII Báthory
FatherStephen Teledgi of Kincstartó
MotherMargaret Bebek of Pelsőcz


Telegdi married the deputy voivode of Transylvania Stephen VIII Báthory. They had eight children from this marriage:

  • Nicholas, mentioned in 1516,
  • Catharine, mentioned in 1516,
  • Andrew (d. 1563),
  • Sophia, wife of Demeter Csáky de Kőrösszegh,
  • Anna, the mother of the "Blood Countess" Elizabeth Báthory,
  • Elizabeth, wife of Lajos Pekry de Petrovina and László Kerecsélyi de Kányaföld,
  • Christopher (1530–1581), who governed Transylvania in the absence of his younger brother Stefan,
  • Stephen (1533–1586), who became Voivode (and later Prince) of Transylvania and King of Poland.



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