Statue of Abraham Lincoln (Portland, Oregon)

A bronze statue of Abraham Lincoln by George Fite Waters was installed in Portland, Oregon's South Park Blocks, in the United States, until 2020. The 10-foot statue was donated by Henry Waldo Coe.[1]

Statue of Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln, South Park Blocks, Portland, Oregon (2013).JPG
The sculpture in 2013
ArtistGeorge Fite Waters
Year1928 (1928)
SubjectAbraham Lincoln
LocationPortland, Oregon, United States
Coordinates45°31′00″N 122°40′57″W / 45.51674°N 122.68242°W / 45.51674; -122.68242Coordinates: 45°31′00″N 122°40′57″W / 45.51674°N 122.68242°W / 45.51674; -122.68242


The statue was cast at Claude Valsuani's foundry in France in 1927, on Lincoln's birthday, and was dedicated on October 5, 1928.[2]

Protesters toppled the statue during the Indigenous Peoples Day of Rage in October 2020, along with the nearby Theodore Roosevelt, Rough Rider.[3]

On July 28, 2021, Stan Pulliam, the mayor of Sandy, Oregon proposed to have the Lincoln statue, Theodore Roosevelt, Rough Rider, and the statue of George Washington reinstalled in Sandy.[4] He said, "When we heard last week that the city of Portland is considering not putting the statues back up we decided we’re tired of the embarrassment." A decision on the future of the statues has not been made.[5]

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