Stalać Fortress

Stalać Fortress is a historic fortress in the town of Stalać (pronounced [stǎlaːtɕ]). It is located 10 km north of present-day Kruševac, on a hill overlooking the confluence of West and South Morava.

Stalać Fortress
Тврђава Сталаћ
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Remains of the fortification
Stalać Fortress is located in Serbia
Stalać Fortress
Stalać Fortress
Coordinates43°40′14″N 21°24′15″E / 43.6706°N 21.4043°E / 43.6706; 21.4043Coordinates: 43°40′14″N 21°24′15″E / 43.6706°N 21.4043°E / 43.6706; 21.4043
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Open to
the public
Conditionmostly destroyed
Site history
Built byLazar of Serbia


The fort was built at the same time as Kruševac, by prince Lazar of Serbia. The town was built on a wide plateau - a strategic place that controlled westward communications. For the first time Stalać is mentioned in 1377 in a charter of prince Lazar, and later in a charter of princess Milica in 1395. Philosopher Constantine of Kostenets, mentions that in 1413 Musa Çelebi raided Stalać and razed it.

After these sufferings, Stalać is not mentioned anymore, neither in Turkish nor Hungarian sources on their respective military campaigns. It must be that the fortification was no more in use or worth mentioning. It could be that the level of destruction of the ramparts, towers and the size of the fortification made reconstruction difficult and hard, plus the fact that Stalać lost its strategic importance as it found itself far back in the background of Turkish goal for conquests.

During his voyage in 1433 Bertrandon de la Broquière mentioned Stalać and its ruins in his notes.[2] Felix Kanitz also left a note on Stalać, as he traveled through these regions in the middle of 19th century.


  1. ^ Journal of Glass Studies. Corning Museum of Glass. 1976. p. 119. The fragment was discovered in the medieval castle of Stalac, built in the third quarter of the fourteenth century and burned in 1413 on the occasion of a Turkish attack. It was never restored.
  2. ^ Jefferson, John (17 August 2012). The Holy Wars of King Wladislas and Sultan Murad: The Ottoman-Christian Conflict from 1438-1444. BRILL. p. 231. ISBN 90-04-21904-8. Brocquière mentions 80–100 barges and galiotes in the area of Stalać in 1433, at the confluence of the two Morava rivers

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