Sopanam (film)

Sopanam is a 1993 Malayalam drama film directed by Jayaraj, starring J. V. Somayajulu, Manoj K. Jayan, Chippy in lead roles. Scripted by Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri, this film tells the story of a singer who loves his teacher's daughter.[1]

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Directed byJayaraj
Produced byAppachan
Srinivasa Shenoy
Screenplay byKaithapram
StarringJ. V. Somayajulu
Manoj K. Jayan
Music byS. P. Venkatesh
CinematographyP. Sukumar
Edited byB. Lenin
V. T. Vijayan
Distributed bySaga Films
Release date
  • 10 September 1993 (1993-09-10)
Running time
145 minutes


Ananthu is a gifted singer who has not learned singing professionally. His hearts for learning singing from Varma thampuran. Varma likes him and takes him in as his disciple. Varma also teaches him about the characteristics of wise man is to be humble and have the right devotion to his teacher and god, also says what drives a man is his understanding and anger. Ananthu and Anju falls in love. Varma comes to know this and is angered. He asks Ananthu to not to show his face again at his home. Ananthu takes it as a punishment and leaves. However, his departure disturbs Anju psychologically. Varma has stopped singing, because he is not able to find rhythm anymore. He is traveling with his daughters from one temple to another. On such an occasion, he sees Ananthu. Ananthu now is a famous singer and he comes to know all of Varma's hardships. After seeing Anju's fate. He asks her hand in marriage from Varma. Varma from previous guilt and hope that his daughter will return to her health, agrees to it.



Soundtrack album by
LabelJohny Sagariga
ProducerSaga Films

All music is composed by S. P. Venkatesh.

1."Aaradhaye Manamohana" (Raga - Vrindavana Saranga)KaithapramDr. K. J. Yesudas, Poornachandra Rao 
2."Ashtapadi" (Raga - Mohanam)JayadevaDr. K. J. Yesudas 
3."Deva Deva" (Raga - Mayamalavagowla)Swathi ThirunalT. N. Seshagopalan, Manoj Krishnan 
4."Ksheerasagara Shayana" (Raga - Devagandhari)TyagarajaDr. K. J. Yesudas 
5."Nagu Momu Galavani" (Raga - Madhyamavati)TyagarajaMano 
6."Paavanaguru" (Raga - Hamsanandi)Lalita DasarDr. K. J. Yesudas, T. N. Seshagopalan 
7."Pon Meghame" (Raga - Jog)KaithapramK. S. Chithra, Chorus 
8."Sadhinchene" (Raga - Arabhi)TyagarajaDr. K. J. Yesudas, T. N. Seshagopalan, K. S. Chithra, Manju Menon 
9."Sarojadalanethri" (Raga - Sankarabharanam)Syama SastriDr. K. J. Yesudas 
10."Slokam" (Raga - Mohanam)KaithapramDr. K. J. Yesudas 
11."Sogasuga Mrudanga Talamu" (Raga - Shree ranjani)TyagarajaDr. K. J. Yesudas, K. S. Chithra, Manju Menon 
12."Thaaranoopuram Charthi" (Raga - Mohanam)KaithapramDr. K. J. Yesudas, Manju Menon 


Nominee Award Ref
K. J. Yesudas National Film Award for Best Male Playback Singer [3]
K. S. Chithra Kerala State Film Award for Best Female Singer [4]
P. Sukumar Kerala State Film Award for Best Cinematography
B. Lenin, V. T. Vijayan Kerala State Film Award for Best Editor
Seena Antony Kerala State Film Award for Best Child Artist
Prasad Colour Lab Kerala State Film Award for Best Processing Lab


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