Sons of the Jackal

Sons of the Jackal is a 2007 album by thrash metal/death metal band Legion of the Damned. Lyrical themes on the album include horror motifs, the devastation of nuclear war and occult and religious ideas and actions. Unusually for a Western metal album some lyrics draw on Islamic eschatology and history in places ("Alamut awake, Hear its divine call, I am incarnate, The breath of Dajjal" from "Atomicide") and make equal attacks of both Mohammed and Jesus Christ ("I tear out the eyes of Jesus, As he hangs upon the cross, I blind the face of Mohammed, And throw his body to the boards" from "Ten Horns Arise"). The song Son of the Jackal is a reference to the Anti-Christ character of Damien in the Omen horror movies, who was born in such a manner. Sons of the Jackal peaked at #54 on the German albums chart.

Sons Of The Jackal
Legion of the Damned - Sons of the Jackal.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedJanuary 5, 2007 (2007-01-05)
RecordedOctober 6–20, 2006 at Stage One Studio in Germany
GenreThrash metal, death metal
ProducerAndy Classen
Legion of the Damned chronology
Malevolent Rapture
Sons Of The Jackal
Feel the Blade
Professional ratings
Review scores
Metal Express Radio9.5/10 stars[1]
Chronicles of Chaos6.5/10 stars[2]

Track listingEdit

  1. "Son of the Jackal" - 3:52
  2. "Undead Stillborn" - 3:59
  3. "Avenging Archangel" - 3:28
  4. "Death Is My Master (Slay for Kali)" - 5:09
  5. "Sepulchral Ghoul" - 4:19
  6. "Seven Heads They Slumber" - 1:59
  7. "Infernal Wrath" - 4:07
  8. "Atomicide" - 3:18
  9. "Ten Horns Arise" - 3:31
  10. "Diabolist" - 3:40



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