Legion of the Damned (band)

Legion of the Damned is a thrash metal/death metal band from the Netherlands.[1] The band was formed in 1992 as 'Occult', but changed their name in 2006 to 'Legion of the Damned'.[2] Lyrically the band tend to focus on horror motifs, dark occult and religious themes and apocalyptic events. They have recorded their albums Malevolent Rapture and Sons of the Jackal in the well known Stage One Studio with producer Andy Classen. The special edition of their 2008 release Cult of the Dead comes with an item unique in metal merchandising (and possibly all genres of music), being a cheese block emblazoned with their logo. This is a nod to their Dutch origins.

Legion of the Damned
Legion of the Damned Rockharz 2019 19.jpg
Maurice Swinkels and Harold Gielen at Rockharz Open Air 2019, Ballenstedt, Germany
Background information
GenresThrash metal, death metal
Years active1992-present
Labels Massacre, Napalm
Associated actsOccult
  • Maurice Swinkels
  • Twan van Geel
  • Harold Gielen
  • Erik Fleuren
Past members
  • Richard Ebisch
  • Twan Fleuren
  • Leon Pennings
  • Sjors Tuithof
  • Rachel Heyzer

Former band member, Twan Fleuren, committed suicide on 21 May 2011.[3]


Current line-up

  • Maurice Swinkels – vocals (1992-present)
  • Twan van Geel – guitars (2011-present)
  • Harold Gielen – bass (2006-present)
  • Erik Fleuren – drums (1992-present)

Live musicians

  • Fabian Verwije – guitars (2017-present)
  • Hein Willekens – guitars (2012-2017)

Former members

  • Richard Ebisch – guitars (1994-2011)
  • Twan Fleuren – bass (1999-2006; died 2011)
  • Rachel Heyzer – vocals (1994-2001)
  • Leon Pennings – guitars (1992-1999)
  • Sjors Tuithof – bass (1992-1999)


Discography as Legion of the Damned (2006-present)

Discography as Occult (1992-2006)
  • Prepare to Meet Thy Doom (1994)
  • The Enemy Within (1996)
  • Of Flesh and Blood (1999)
  • Rage to Revenge (2001)
  • Elegy for the Weak (2003)


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