Somerville College Boat Club

Somerville College Boat Club (SCBC) is the rowing club of Somerville College, Oxford. The club was formed in 1921 as one of the first women's club on The Isis, however was unable to compete in bumps until 1969. The women's team won the title Head of the River eight times in Summer Eights and five times in Torpids, more than any other women's rowing team from the University of Oxford.[1]

Somerville College Boat Club
University College Oxford Boat Club Boathouse.JPG
Somerville College Boat Club Rowing Blade.svg
Boathouse (owned by University College) and rowing blade colours
LocationUniversity College Boathouse
Coordinates51°44′32″N 1°14′59″W / 51.742171°N 1.24961°W / 51.742171; -1.24961 (Somerville College Boat Club)Coordinates: 51°44′32″N 1°14′59″W / 51.742171°N 1.24961°W / 51.742171; -1.24961 (Somerville College Boat Club)
Home waterThe Isis
Founded1921 (1921)
PresidentToby Sanderson (Men's), Rachel Donnachie & Lucy Bannatyne (Women's)
Captain of coxesElinor Lamrick
  • Men: Pak Hei Hao
  • Women: Kieran Storer & Charlotte Yates
Head of the River
  • Men:
  • Women: 1980, 1981, 1986, 1987, 1990–93
UniversityUniversity of Oxford
AffiliationsGirton College Boat Club (Sister college)

The club was permitted to take part in Summer Eights in 1927, following the rejection of an earlier demand in 1922 amid fears that it might harm the women's reproductive abilities.[2]

Now there are 6 women's divisions in Summer Eights and racing in the top divisions can be just as competitive as the men's. However, when women were first given their own division only 12 colleges competed - and Somerville, as an all women's college, was one of them. Within four years the W1 were Head of the River.[3]

Somerville College Boat Club shares the University College Boathouse with University College, St Peter's College and Wolfson College. The building is owned by University College and won a Royal Institute of British Architects prize and has enjoyed a very favourable reception in the architectural world.[4][5]

Notable alumni of SCBCEdit

Somerville College Boat Club has produced four Olympic rowers:[6]

Other notable members of the SCBC were Lucy Sutherland and Dominica Legge.


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