Socialist Democratic Vanguard Party

The Socialist Democratic Vanguard Party (French: Parti de l'avant-garde démocratique socialiste, PADS; Arabic: حزب الطليعة الديمقراطي الاشتراكي) is a political party in Morocco.

Socialist Democratic Vanguard Party
حزب الطليعة الديمقراطي الاشتراكي
Secretary-GeneralAli Boutouala
Founded6 October 1991 (name change announced)
December 1993 (rename approved at 4th Congress)
Split fromSocialist Union of Popular Forces
IdeologyScientific socialism
Arab socialism
Political positionLeft-wing to far left
National affiliationFederation of the Democratic Left (since 2007)
SloganLiberation. Democracy. Socialism.

History and profile


The party was founded in principle in 1991,[1][2] after having previously emerged as a faction within the USFP named Socialist Union of Popular Forces – National Administrative Commission in 1983. The foundation was formalised in December 1993.[3]

In the parliamentary election, held on 7 September 2007, the party was part of the PADS–CNI–PSU Union, that won 6 seats. The party is currently a member of the Federation of the Democratic Left, a successor entity of that alliance.


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