Slovak Catholic Metropolitan Archeparchy of Prešov

The Slovak (Greek) Catholic Archeparchy of Prešov (Latin: Archieparchia Presoviensis, until 2008 Eparchy of Prešov) is the Metropolitan archeparchy (Eastern Catholic Archdiocese) of the Byzantine Rite Slovak Greek Catholic Church which covers the territory of the Prešov Region.

Archeparchy of Prešov

Archidioecesis Presoviensis

Prešovská Archieparchia
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The coat of arms of the Archeparchy of Prešov
TerritoryPrešov Region
Ecclesiastical provincePrešov
- Catholics (including non-members)
(as of 2015)
DenominationEastern Catholic
RiteByzantine Rite
Established22 September 1818
CathedralCathedral of St. John the Baptist
Secular priests249
Current leadership
Metropolitan ArchbishopJán Babjak
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Cathedral of Prešov archieparchy

As of 2004 it had 136,593 Greek Catholic faithful.[1] and its seat is in Prešov, where it has the cathedral see Greckokatolícka katedrálny chrám sv. Jána Krstiteľa; it also has a minor basilica Farský chrám Nanebovzatia Presvätej Bohorodičky, bazilika minor, in Ľutina. Current archeparch is the Jesuit Ján Babjak.

It has two suffragan dioceses : Eparchy of Košice and Eparchy of Bratislava.


Established on June 27, 1787 as Vicariate of Košice, on territory of the Greek Catholic Eparchy of Mukachevo, to embrace the western part of this eparchy. Later the see of the Vicariate was transferred from Košice to Prešov.


The eparchy was erected on 22 September 1818 from the territory of the Eparchy of Mukachevo.

Still in the Habsburg imperial age, on 1912.06.08 it lost its Hungarian territory to establish the Hungarian Greek Catholic Eparchy of Hajdúdorog (now the Hungarian Catholic Archeparchy of Hajdúdorog).

In July 1995, it enjoyed a papal visit by John Paul II. On 18 January 1996 the eparchy lost its Czech territory to the newly established Ruthenian Greek Catholic Church's Apostolic Exarchate in the Czech Republic. On 17 January 1997, an apostolic exarchate of Košice (today Eparchy of Košice) was created, again split from its former territory.

The last changes occurred on 30 January 2008, when the Eparchy of Bratislava was erected, to which Prešov lost territory of western and central Slovakia. At the same time it was elevated into a Metropolitan archeparchy sui juris.

Episcopal incumbentsEdit

Bishops of Prešov (Slovak Rite)
Metropolitan Archeparchs of Prešov (Slovak Rite)
  • Archbishop Ján Babjak, S.J. (2008.01.30 – present), as above: previously bishop of Prešov


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