Slovak Catholic Eparchy of Košice

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The Eparchy of Košice is a Slovak Greek Catholic Church ecclesiastical territory or eparchy of the Catholic Church covering the territory of the Košice Region in Slovakia. It is suffragan eparchy in the ecclesiastical province of the metropolitan Archeparchy of Prešov. It was established on 30 January 2008 by Pope Benedict XVI from the territory of the apostolic exarchate created previously (on 21 February 1997) by his predecessor John Paul II.

Eparchy of Košice

Eparchia Kosicensis

Košická eparchia
Greek Catholic Eparchy of Košice.svg
Coat of arms
Ecclesiastical provincePrešov
- Catholics (including non-members)
(as of 2013)
DenominationCatholic Church
Sui iuris churchSlovak Greek Catholic Church
RiteByzantine Rite
Established30 January 2008 (21 February 1997 - Exarchate)
CathedralCathedral of the Nativity of the Mother of God in Košice
Patron saintSaints Cyril and Methodius
Current leadership
EparchCyril Vasiľ
Metropolitan ArchbishopJán Babjak
Bishops emeritusMilan Chautur
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Website of the Diocese


  • Established on 27 January 1997 as Apostolic Exarchate of Košice, on territory split off from the Slovak Catholic Eparchy of Prešov.
  • Elevated on 30 January 2008 to Slovak Catholic Eparchy of Košice.

List of eparchsEdit

  • Milan Chautur (27 January 1997 – 24 June 2021)
    • named eparch 30 January 2008[1]
  • Cyril Vasiľ (24 June 2021[2] – present)
    • apostolic administrator sede plena (20 January 2020[3] – 24 June 2021)


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