Slovenská hokejová liga

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The Slovenská hokejová liga (Slovak Hockey League) is a professional ice hockey league composed of ten (plus one) teams in Slovakia. It is the second-level ice hockey league in Slovakia.[1]

Slovenská hokejová liga
Current season, competition or edition:
Current sports event 2022–23 Slovak 1. Liga season
Slovak 1. Liga logo.png
SportIce hockey
No. of teams12+1
CountrySlovakia Slovakia
Most recent
Vlci Žilina
(2nd title)
Most titlesHK Spišská Nová Ves & HC '05 Banská Bystrica
(both 4 titles)
Promotion toSlovak Extraliga
Relegation to2. liga
Slovak Extraliga
2. liga


Each regular season Slovenská hokejová liga game is composed of three 20-minute periods, with an intermission of a maximum of 18 minutes between periods.[2] If the game is tied following the 60-minute regulation time, a five-minute three-on-three sudden death overtime period is played. If a game still is tied after the overtime period, a shootout decides the game. In a shootout, the team that scores the most penalty shots out of five attempts wins the game. If the game is still tied after the first five penalty-shot rounds, the shootout continues round by round, until one team scores while the other team fails to score.


Thirteen clubs play in the 2021–22 Slovak 1. Liga season.

2021–22 seasonEdit

Team Name City Venue Capacity
HC Slovan Bratislava B Bratislava Ondrej Nepela Arena 10,055
HC 19 Humenné Humenné Zimný štadión Humenné 4,500
HC Topoľčany Topoľčany Topvar Aréna 3,400
HK Martin Martin Martin Ice Stadium 4,200
HK Skalica Skalica Skalica Ice Stadium 4,100
Vlci Žilina Žilina Niké Aréna 6,200
HK 95 Panthers Považská Bystrica Považská Bystrica Zimný štadión MSK Považská Bystrica 2,400
MHK Dubnica nad Váhom Dubnica nad Váhom Zimný štadión Dubnica nad Váhom 3,000
HK Trnava Trnava Zimný štadión Trnava 3,800
HK Levice Levice Zimný štadión Levice 2,400
HK MŠK Indian Žiar nad Hronom Žiar nad Hronom Slovalco aréna 2,025
HK Brezno Brezno Aréna Brezno 3,000

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