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The Tipos Extraliga (Slovak Extraliga) is the highest-level ice hockey league in Slovakia. From the 2018–19 season to the 2020–21 season, the league included one or two teams from Hungary.[1] In 2009, it was ranked by the IIHF as the fifth strongest league in Europe and in 2012, it was ranked by The Hockey News as the sixth-strongest league in the world behind the NHL, KHL, Swedish Hockey League, SM-liiga and Czech Extraliga.[2] However, it has dropped significantly since then, with the American Hockey League, Swiss National League and German DEL, among others, all now ranked higher.

Tipos Extraliga
Current season, competition or edition:
Current sports event 2021–22 Slovak Extraliga season
Slovak Extraliga logo.png
FormerlyCzechoslovak First Ice Hockey League
SportIce hockey
No. of teams12
Most recent
HC Slovan Bratislava
(9th title)
Most titlesHC Slovan Bratislava
(9 titles)
TV partner(s)RTVS (Slovakia)
Sport1 (Czechia, Hungary, Slovakia)
Relegation toSlovak 1. Liga
Slovak 1. Liga
Slovak 2. Liga
Official websitetipsportliga.hockey

The name of the league is leased to sponsors and changes frequently. From 1993/94 to 1997/98, it was called Extraliga, then the name changed to West Extraliga until the end of the 2000/01 season. In 2001/02, its name was Boss Extraliga. From the 2002/03 season to 2004/05, the name was ST Extraliga and in 2005/06 to T-Com Extraliga. On 16 January 2007, the name changed to Slovnaft Extraliga when a general sponsorship agreement with Slovnaft was signed, in 2011/12 it became the Tipsport Extraliga and Slovnaft Play-off, and since the 2015/16 season until the 2019/2020 season it was called the Tipsport liga and Slovnaft Play-off. The current name is Tipos Extraliga.

The Slovak Extraliga is rooted in the Czechoslovak Extraliga. The 1993/94 season was the first for the Slovak Extraliga after Czechoslovakia split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia on 1 January 1993.


Every regular season game is composed of three 20-minute periods, with an intermission of a maximum of 18 minutes between periods.[3] If the game is tied following the 60-minute regulation time, a five-minute three-on-three sudden death overtime period is played. If a game is still tied after the overtime, a shootout decides the winner of the game. In a shootout, the team that scores the most penalty shots out of five attempts wins the game. If a game is still tied after five penalty-shot rounds, the shootout continues round by round, until one team scores while the other team fails to score.


2021–22 seasonEdit

Team Name City Venue Capacity
HC Košice   Košice Steel Arena 8,378
HC Nové Zámky   Nové Zámky Nové Zámky Ice Stadium 2,500
HC Slovan Bratislava   Bratislava Ondrej Nepela Arena 10,055
HC '05 Banská Bystrica   Banská Bystrica Banská Bystrica Ice Stadium 2,841
HC 21 Prešov   Prešov Ice Arena Prešov 3,600
HK Dukla Trenčín   Trenčín Pavol Demitra Ice Stadium 6,150
HK Nitra   Nitra Nitra Arena 3,600
HK Poprad   Poprad Poprad Ice Stadium 4,233
HKM Zvolen   Zvolen Zvolen Ice Stadium 5,675
MHK 32 Liptovský Mikuláš   Liptovský Mikuláš Titan Arena 3,680
HK Dukla Michalovce   Michalovce Michalovce Ice Stadium 4,000
HK Spišská Nová Ves   Spišská Nová Ves Spiš Aréna 5,503

Season structureEdit

The Tipos Extraliga season is divided into a regular season from late September through the beginning of March, when teams play against each other in a pre-defined schedule, and playoffs from March to April, which is an elimination tournament at which two teams play against each other to win the best-of-seven series in order to advance to the next round. The winner of playoffs is crowned the Slovak champion, (Slovenský majster in Slovak) and receives the Vladimir Dzurilla Trophy.

Regular seasonEdit

The regular season is a round-robin, where each team plays 50 games. Three points are awarded for winning in regulation time, two points for winning in overtime or a shootout, one point for losing in overtime or a shootout, and zero points for losing in regulation time. At the end of the regular season, the team that finishes with the most points is crowned the league champion. The six highest-ranked teams by points qualify directly for the playoffs. The four teams ranked 7–10 play a best-of-five series and battle for the two remaining playoffs spots. The lowest ranked team after the regular season plays in a relegation series called Play-Out against the best team from the second-tier league Slovak 1. Liga. The two teams battle to win a best-of-seven series of Play-Out to qualify for the next Tipos Extraliga season. Before the 2018–19 season, the eight highest-ranked teams qualified for the playoffs.[4]

If two or more teams end up tied in points, the seeds are determined by the following tiebreaker format:

  1. Head-to-head points


Starting in the 2018–19 season, the four teams ranked 7–10 in the regular season play a best-of-five series, known as Play-In, and battle for the two remaining playoff spots. The seventh-ranked team faces the tenth-ranked team, and the eighth-ranked team faces the ninth-ranked team. The seventh-ranked team and the eighth-ranked team receive home-ice advantage and play three of the five games at their home venue if it is necessary to determine a winner of the series. The winners of the two best-of-five series take the two remaining playoffs spots.[4]


The Tipos Extraliga playoffs is an elimination tournament, at which two teams battle to win a best-of-seven series in order to advance to the next round. In the first round of the playoffs (quarterfinals), the top seed faces the lowest-ranked winner of the two best-of-three series (eighth seed, ninth seed or tenth seed); the second-ranked seed faces the other winner of the two best-of-five series; the third-ranked seed faces the sixth-ranked seed; and the fourth-ranked seed faces the fifth-ranked team. In the second round (semifinals), the teams are re-seeded, with the top remaining seed playing against the lowest remaining seed, and the other two remaining teams pairing up. In the third round (finals), the two remaining teams face each other.

In each series, the higher-ranked team of the two has home-ice advantage. Four of the seven games are played at this team's home venue – the first and second, and, when necessary, the fifth and seventh games and all the other games are played at the lower-ranked team's home venue.

Play-Out (Relegation)Edit

The lowest ranked team after the regular season plays in a relegation series called Play-Out against the winner of the second-tier league Slovak 1. Liga. The two teams battle to win a best-of-seven series of Play-Out to qualify for the next Tipos Extraliga season.

Names and sponsorshipEdit

Period Name Sponsor
1993–1997 Extraliga none
1997–2001 West Extraliga West
2001–2002 BOSS Extraliga BOSS
2002–2005 ST Extraliga Slovak Telekom
2005–2007 T-Com Extraliga T-Com
2007–2011 Slovnaft Extraliga Slovnaft
2011–2015 Tipsport Extraliga Tipsport
2015–2020 Tipsport Liga Tipsport
2020– Tipos Extraliga Tipos

Previous winnersEdit

Previous Slovak Extraliga regular season winnersEdit

Previous Slovak Extraliga playoffs winners (Slovak Champions)Edit

Video gamesEdit

Teams from the league are playable in the video games EA Sports' NHL series only in NHL 2009.

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