Sloten, Amsterdam

Sloten (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈsloːtə(n)]; 52°20′31″N 4°47′49″E / 52.342°N 4.797°E / 52.342; 4.797) is a village in the Dutch province of North Holland. It is a part of the municipality of Amsterdam, and lies about 6 km west of the city centre.[1] Sloten was a separate municipality until 1921. Since then, Sloten (founded in the year 990) became the oldest part of Amsterdam (founded in 1254).[2] Sloten is one of the few remnants of various places that have marks of Osdorp before the 1950s and Sloterdijk as well, Sloten had many threats in terms of urbanisation, between the 1950s and the 1970s, thousands of houses rose between the wide polderland of the Osdorp region, Sloten was untouched by this until in the 1980s when the Netherlands candidated to host the 1992 Summer Olympics, they proposed that the area around Sloten will become an Olympic Village, however when Barcelona was chosen to be the host, they decided to change plans and build it in to create Nieuw Sloten, which rose in the 1990s.

Molen van Sloten or Sloten mill, May 2008
Molen van Sloten or Sloten mill, May 2008
Coat of arms of Sloten
Coat of arms
Sloten in the municipality of Amsterdam.
Sloten in the municipality of Amsterdam.
Amsterdam within North Holland
Amsterdam within North Holland
Coordinates: 52°20′31″N 4°47′49″E / 52.34194°N 4.79694°E / 52.34194; 4.79694Coordinates: 52°20′31″N 4°47′49″E / 52.34194°N 4.79694°E / 52.34194; 4.79694
ProvinceNorth Holland
Postal code
1066 ..

During the 1928 Summer Olympics, it hosted the rowing events.[3] Now it is best known for the working windmill, transformed into the Rembrandt Sloten Windmill/Coopery Museum.[4]

Statues of Saskia and Rembrandt beside the Rembrandt Sloten Windmill/Coopery Museum in Sloten, Amsterdam.
Old border post in Sloten, 5 June 2006.

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