Anthony Wheaton, professionally known by his stage name Sir Jinx, is an American hip hop record producer and rapper from Los Angeles. He is a cousin of multi-platinum producer Dr. Dre. He began his career as a member of the C.I.A. in the mid-80s with Ice Cube and Kid Disaster.[1] He produced tracks for the likes of Dazzie Dee, Westside Connection, Too Short, Yo-Yo, Tone Loc, Kool G Rap, CeCe Peniston, Xzibit and Kurupt among others, and also remixed songs for Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy and Toni Braxton.

Sir Jinx
Birth nameAnthony D. Wheaton
Also known asJinx
OriginLos Angeles, California, U.S.
  • Record producer
  • disc jockey
  • rapper
Years active1986–present
Formerly ofC.I.A.

Career edit

1980s edit

Anthony "Sir Jinx" Wheaton began his career in the mid-80s as a part of hip hop duo the Stereo Crew with fellow rapper Ice Cube. They were signed with Epic Records and released their debut single "She's a Skag" in 1986, which was produced by Wheaton's cousin Dr. Dre and Dre's World Class Wreckin' Cru bandmate Alonzo Williams. Poor single sales caused them to be soon dropped off of the label. Joined by fellow rapper Kid Disaster, they were picked by Kru-Cut Records and changed the group's name to C.I.A. In 1987 the trio released their single "My Posse" and appeared on the cover of N.W.A. and the Posse.[2] Cube and Dre have been focused on forming N.W.A, which led to disband the C.I.A. Wheaton produced fellow rapper Dazzie Dee's first extended play Turn It Loose, released in 1989.

1990s edit

When Cube left N.W.A and Ruthless Records over a financial dispute, all the former C.I.A. members along with several other artists formed the Lench Mob posse on Cube's founded Lench Mob Records label. Wheaton and Cube in collaboration with Chilly Chill and New York-based hip hop production team The Bomb Squad produced Ice Cube's debut solo studio album AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted and the follow-up Kill at Will EP, both released in 1990. Both these projects were certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. Same year Wheaton produced "Ain't Nothin' but a Word to Me", the only song from Too Short's Short Dog's in the House album that has a featured guest appearance (by Ice Cube).

In 1991, Wheaton produced a significant number of songs on Yo-Yo's Make Way for the Motherlode, WC and the Maad Circle's Ain't a Damn Thang Changed, and Ice Cube's Death Certificate, including NWA diss track "No Vaseline". He also produced "How to Survive in South Central", a Cube's song from Boyz n the Hood soundtrack, and Tone Lōc "I Adore You". Continuing into 1992 with Cube's The Predator and Yo-Yo's 1992 Black Pearl, Wheaton stepped onto East Coast hip hop scene producing the majority of Kool G Rap's final studio album with DJ Polo Live and Let Die, and also managed to provide additional production on two tracks for George Clinton's son Trey Lewd's Drop the Line, and to produce the title track for Music from the Motion Picture Trespass. Sir Jinx created remixes for rap-rock outfits such as Rage Against the Machine's "Guerrilla Radio (Sir Jinx Edit)", "Bullet in the Head (Sir Jinx Remix)", and the unreleased "Bombtrack (Remix)", all of which were recorded in 1992.

After producing a couple of tracks on Ice Cube's 1993 album Lethal Injection, Wheaton stopped working with Cube and his group Da Lench Mob due to their controversial direction.[3] He moved on to producing for R&B-oriented solo acts such as CeCe Peniston, Gerald Levert, Isaac Hayes, Teena Marie, and former Bell Biv DeVoe member Ricky Bell.

Following a low-profile independent solo album in 1995, Sir Jinx returned to hip hop production on Gooch's 1997 album A Lot on It and Xzibit's 1998 album 40 Dayz & 40 Nightz. He also helped to produce skits on Tash's 1999 Rap Life and helped on Xzibit's 2000 Restless.

2000s edit

Wheaton provided production work on a song from comedian Eddie Griffin's 2003 film Dysfunktional Family soundtrack. Same year he produced a couple of tracks on The Comrads member Gangsta album Penitentiary Chances, as well as a posse cut on Westside Connection's album Terrorist Threats.

Outside of some minor production on Kurupt's 2004 album Originals and 2005 album Against the Grain, Xzibit's 2004 album Weapons of Mass Destruction, and Ras Kass's 2009 project Quarterly, Sir Jinx was relatively low-key during this period.

2010s edit

In 2010, Wheaton produced a song for Sadat X's Wild Cowboys II album, as well as the track "Life in California" from Ice Cube's I Am the West album, which marked the first time Sir Jinx and Cube had worked together on any new material together in several years. In an October 2010 interview for HipHopDX,[3] Wheaton stated that he was going to help produce cousin Dr. Dre's long-awaited release Detox. In spite of his relation to Dr. Dre, this is the first album the two have worked on together.

Sir Jinx collaborated with Tri Star and Dat Boi Hop to form General Population. The group released their album Sir Jinx Presents General Population: Rime Scene in 2011 featuring guest appearances from Butch Cassidy, Roscoe, Devin the Dude, Jayo Felony, Kurupt, Ras Kass. The following year, Jinx produced the entire Tri Star's project Trilogy. Together with Mike & Keys, Jinx produced debut Serial Killers single "First 48". In 2016, he and Dre produced T.I.'s non-album single "Dope", which featured vocals by Marsha Ambrosius.

Film and television edit

Sir Jinx has made appearances co-hosting BET's Rap City: Tha Basement.[citation needed]

He has also DJ'ed for various TV shows including Jimmy Kimmel Live! and "The Orlando Jones Show".[citation needed]

In 1993, Sir Jinx had a cameo in John Singleton's romantic drama film Poetic Justice.[citation needed]

Production discography edit

Year Song Artist Album Notes
1988 "Turn It Loose" Dazzie Dee Turn It Loose N/A
1989 "You Better Think" N/A
"Slipping into Darkness" N/A
1990 "Better Off Dead" Ice Cube AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted prod. w/ Ice Cube
"The Nigga Ya Love to Hate" prod. by The Bomb Squad; co-prod. w/ Ice Cube
"AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted"
"What They Hittin' Foe?"
"You Can't Fade Me"
"Once Upon a Time in the Projects" co-prod. by The Bomb Squad
"Turn Off the Radio" prod. by The Bomb Squad; co-prod. w/ Ice Cube
"Endangered Species (Tales from the Darkside)" Ice Cube, Chuck D
"A Gangsta's Fairytale" Ice Cube, Lil Russ prod. w/ Ice Cube; co-prod. by The Bomb Squad
"I'm Only Out for One Thang" Ice Cube, Flavor Flav
"Get Off My Dick and Tell Yo Bitch to Come Here" Ice Cube prod. by The Bomb Squad; co-prod. w/ Ice Cube
"The Drive-By" N/A
"Rollin' Wit the Lench Mob" prod. by The Bomb Squad; co-prod. w/ Ice Cube
"Who's the Mack?" prod. w/ The Bomb Squad
"It's a Man's World" Ice Cube, Yo-Yo prod. w/ Ice Cube
"The Bomb" Ice Cube co-prod. by The Bomb Squad
"Ain't Nothin' but a Word to Me" Too $hort, Ice Cube Short Dog's in the House N/A
"Jackin' for Beats" Ice Cube, Del the Funky Homosapien Kill at Will prod. w/ Chilly Chill
"The Product" Ice Cube N/A
"I Gotta Say What Up!!!" N/A
1991 "Stand up for Your Rights" Yo-Yo, Ricky Harris, Tamika Ingram, Threat Make Way for the Motherlode prod. w/ Ice Cube
"Stompin' to the '90s" Yo-Yo
"You Can't Play with My Yo Yo" Yo-Yo, Ice Cube
"Cube Gets Played" Ricky Harris
"Put a Lid on It" Yo-Yo
"What Can I Do?" Yo-Yo, Ice Cube
"Dedication" LA Jay, Ricky Harris
"Sisterland" Yo-Yo
"The I.B.W.C. National Anthem" Yo-Yo, Sparkles, Dawn, Diamond
"Make Way for the Motherlode" Yo-Yo
"Tonight's the Night" Yo-Yo, Dazzie Dee
"I Got Played" Yo-Yo
"Girl, Don't Be No Fool"
"Ain't Nobody Better"
"Outro" Ricky Harris
"More of What I Can Do" Sir Jinx
"How to Survive in South Central" Ice Cube Boyz n the Hood (Music From the Motion Picture)
"(Everybody) Get Up" Roger Troutman Bridging the Gap add. prod.; prod. by David Gamson & Roger Troutman
"Intro" WC and the Maad Circle Ain't a Damn Thang Changed prod. w/ DJ Crazy Toones
"Ain't a Damn Thang Changed" prod. w/ WC; co-prod. by Chilly Chill & DJ Crazy Toones
"Behind Closed Doors" WC and the Maad Circle, Dawn Silva, Jackie Simley, M.L. Davis
"Out on a Furlough" WC and the Maad Circle, Cassanova Jeff, Chilly Chill, Jazzy D, Mike prod. w/ WC; co-prod. by DJ Crazy Toones
"Caught n a Fad" WC and the Maad Circle prod. w/ WC; co-prod. by Chilly Chill
"Fuck My Daddy" WC and the Maad Circle, Foe Doe Taylor, Lil' Dee prod. w/ WC
"Get up on That Funk" WC and the Maad Circle, Jazzy D
"Gettin' Looped / Dress Code" WC and the Maad Circle prod. w/ WC; co-prod. by Chilly Chill & DJ Crazy Toones
"Smokers La La Bye" WC and the Maad Circle, Kaeco prod. w/ DJ Crazy Toones
"You Don't Work, U Don't Eat" WC and the Maad Circle, J-Dee, MC Eiht, Ice Cube prod. w/ Chilly Chill & DJ Crazy Toones
"Grandma Locked Out (Skit)" WC and the Maad Circle N/A
"Ghetto Serenade" WC and the Maad Circle prod. w/ WC; co-prod. by DJ Crazy Toones
"Back to the Underground" WC and the Maad Circle prod. w/ WC
"A Soldiers Story" WC and the Maad Circle, Dawn Silva, Jackie Simley, M.L. Davis N/A
"The Funeral (Intro)" Ice Cube Death Certificate N/A
"The Wrong Nigga to Fuck Wit" prod. w/ Ice Cube
"Robin Lench (Interlude)" prod. w/ Boogiemen
"Look Who's Burnin'" prod. w/ Ice Cube
"The Birth" Ice Cube, Khalid Abdul Muhammad
"I Wanna Kill Sam" Ice Cube
"Black Korea"
"True to the Game"
"No Vaseline"
"I Adore You" Tone Lōc Cool Hand Lōc prod. w/ Tone Lōc
1992 "You Should Have Listened" Yo-Yo Black Pearl N/A
"I Can't Take No More" N/A
"Will You Be Mine" N/A
"Fuck 'Em (Insert)" Ice Cube The Predator N/A
"Who Got the Camera?" N/A
"Say Hi to the Bad Guy" N/A
"Intro" Kool G Rap, DJ Polo Live and Let Die prod. w/ Kool G Rap
"On the Run"
"Live and Let Die"
"Crime Pays"
"Home Sweet Home"
"Train Robbery"
"#1 with a Bullet" Kool G Rap, DJ Polo, Big Daddy Kane
"Operation CB" Kool G Rap, DJ Polo
"Go for Your Guns"
"Nuff Said"
"Edge of Sanity"
"Still Wanted Dead or Alive"
"Two to the Head" Kool G Rap, DJ Polo, Scarface, Bushwick Bill, Ice Cube
"Trespass" Ice-T, Ice Cube Music from the Motion Picture Trespass N/A
"I'll Be Good to You" Trey Lewd, Dazzie Dee Drop the Line add. prod.; prod. by Trey Lewd
"Hoodlum Who Ride" Trey Lewd add. prod.
1993 "The Shot (Intro)" Ice Cube Lethal Injection N/A
"Lil Ass Gee" N/A
1994 "Whatever It Is" CeCe Peniston Thought 'Ya Knew N/A
"Give What I'm Givin'" N/A
"Maybe It's the Way" N/A
1995 "Higher" Ice Cube Music from the Motion Picture Higher Learning N/A
"Intro" Sir Jinx Chastisement (Deez Days) N/A
"All About Money" Sir Jinx, Isaac Hayes N/A
"I Putz It Down" Sir Jinx N/A
"City Never Sleepz" N/A
"No Love" N/A
"Ain't Givin' Up No Love" N/A
"Right Here" Sir Jinx, Ray Shawn N/A
"Pic-A-Nic" Sir Jinx, Gerald Levert co-prod. by Craze
"Rally Park" Sir Jinx, Aaron P., Chuck Daddy, Ray Shawn N/A
"Insert: Old School Robin Lench Iz Back (With a Twisted)" Sir Jinx N/A
"Who'z da Man (Sir Jinx's Theme Song)" N/A
"Life Stylez" N/A
"Sho-Nuff" N/A
"Come Blaze wit Me" N/A
"Insert: Phone Call" N/A
"Don't Get It Twisted" N/A
"Insert: Beaz & Nigz" N/A
"Beaz & Nigz" co-prod. by Aaron P.
"Whoz Watching Who" Sir Jinx, Madd K.D. N/A
"Free Your Mind" Sir Jinx N/A
"The Mindstate" N/A
"Insert: Power to the People" N/A
"Power to the People" N/A
1997 "Intro" Gooch, Ike Turner A Lot on It N/A
"Keep It on the Down Low" Gooch, Faizon Love, Torry Woods N/A
"Sponsorin' Hoez (Insert)" Gooch N/A
"West Coast Playa" Gooch, Sir Jinx N/A
"Black Wednesday" Gooch N/A
"The Game Ain't the Same" N/A
"Fifty Wayz" Gooch, Kool G Rap N/A
"Night Life" Gooch N/A
"Hay" N/A
"A Lot on It" N/A
"Come Back to Me" Gooch, Ricky Bell N/A
"Where I've Been" Gooch N/A
"Wishin' for a Star" N/A
"Something's Going Down" N/A
"When It's Late" N/A
"Put My Hands on You (Insert)" N/A
"Baby Mama" N/A
"The Message from Beyond" 2Pac N/A
"L.I.F.E." Gooch N/A
1998 "The Last Night (Intro)" Xzibit 40 Dayz & 40 Nightz prod. w/ Xzibit
"Chamber Music"
"Chronic Keeping 101 (Interlude)" N/A
"Shroomz" N/A
"Jason (48 Months Interlude)" N/A
"Inside Job" prod. w/ Pockets
"Outro" prod. w/ Xzibit
"Don't Let the Money Make You" Xzibit, King Tee, Soopafly N/A
1999 "Cops" (Skit) Tash Rap Life N/A
"Game Show" (Skit) N/A
"Goggles" (Skit) Tash, Danielle O'Donnell, E-Swift N/A
2000 "Intro/Restless" Xzibit Restless prod. w/ Thayod Ausar
2003 "Dys-Funk-Tional" Eddie Griffin, Spider Loc Dysfunktional Family N/A
"G.A.N.G.S.T.A." (Intro) Gangsta Penitentiary Chances N/A
"On Me" Gangsta, WC, Kokane prod. w/ Dae One
"Bangin' at the Party" Westside Connection, K-Mac, Skoop Delania, Deviossi Terrorist Threats prod. w/ DJ Jamal
2004 "Final Testament" Kurupt, CJ Ginavece, Keitarock Originals N/A
"Bang'n My Amps" Kurupt N/A
"L.A.X." Xzibit Weapons of Mass Destruction prod. w/ Tha Real Mystro
2005 "Stalkin'" Kurupt Against the Grain N/A
"Hustlin'" Kurupt, Big Tri, Young Tone N/A
2009 "Started Sumthin" Ras Kass, Krondon, Maria Quarterly N/A
2010 "Pray" Sadat X, Umi, M-1, Kurupt, Sir Jinx Wild Cowboys II N/A
"Life In California" Ice Cube, Jayo Felony, WC I Am the West prod. w/ Dae One
2011 "(Intro) 3:00 P.M." Sir Jinx, Tri Star, Dat Boi Hop Sir Jinx Presents General Population: Rime Scene N/A
"Rime Scene" Sir Jinx, Tri Star, Dat Boi Hop, Jayo Felony prod. w/ Trevor Lawrence Jr.
"Die Making Money" Sir Jinx, Tri Star, Dat Boi Hop, Brandi Kane prod. w/ Tha Futuristik
"Fate" Sir Jinx, Tri Star, Dat Boi Hop prod. w/ Thayod
"Oh My God" prod. w/ Jesse West
"In My Footsteps" Sir Jinx, Tri Star, Dat Boi Hop, Roscoe prod. w/ DJ Silk
"Gather My Thoughts (Remix)" Sir Jinx, Tri Star, Dat Boi Hop, Devin the Dude N/A
"Bump Bump" Sir Jinx, Tri Star, Dat Boi Hop, Roscoe prod. w/ Choir Boi
"I Don't Take You Serious" Sir Jinx, Tri Star, Dat Boi Hop, Butch Cassidy prod. w/ Tha Futuristik
"Fuq Um All Nite" Sir Jinx, Tri Star, Dat Boi Hop N/A
"That Type of Girl" Sir Jinx, Tri Star, Dat Boi Hop, Butch Cassidy, Choir Boi prod. w/ Thayod
"Show Me the Money" Sir Jinx, Tri Star, Dat Boi Hop, Damion Cantrell prod. w/ Track Team
"45 Insert" Sir Jinx, Tri Star, Dat Boi Hop prod. w/ DJ Rek
"Even the Score" Sir Jinx, Tri Star, Dat Boi Hop, M-Hat prod. w/ Choir Boi
"Get Somethin' Mane" Sir Jinx, Tri Star, Dat Boi Hop prod. w/ Tha Futuristik
"The Time Is Now!" Sir Jinx, Tri Star, Dat Boi Hop, Bone Crusher, E Note, Ras Kass, Rodney O prod. w/ Choir Boi
2012 "It's Time (Intro)" Tri Star, Brother J Triology N/A
"Look in My Eyes" Tri Star N/A
"Do a Lil Somthin" N/A
"Pulled up to the Curb" N/A
"G Till the Day I Die" N/A
"Too Many Chiefs" Tri Star, Roscoe, Slo Stallone, Young Bizzle N/A
"I'm a Rida Man" Tri Star N/A
"Dirty" N/A
"That's Work" Tri Star, Roscoe N/A
"Flip" Tri Star N/A
"Hennessy" Tri Star, Kurupt, Young Tone N/A
"Stick to Myself" Tri Star N/A
"I Will Kill You" Tri Star, Eastwood N/A
"Loco Crazy" Tri Star N/A
"Cutlas in My Driveway" N/A
"Dress Code Killa" N/A
"Till the End of Tri (Outro)" N/A
2013 "First 48" Serial Killers Serial Killers Vol. 1 prod. w/ Mike & Keys
2016 "Dope" T.I., Marsha Ambrosius N/A prod. w/ Dr. Dre

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