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A single-ship action is a naval engagement fought between two warships of opposing sides, excluding submarine engagements; called so because there is a single ship on each side. The following is a list of notable single-ship actions.

Single-ship actionsEdit

Anglo-Spanish WarEdit

Golden Age of PiracyEdit

War of the Austrian SuccessionEdit

  • 1743, June 20 – HMS Centurion captures the Spanish treasure galleon Nuestra Señora de la Covadonga

American Revolutionary WarEdit

French Revolutionary WarsEdit


First Barbary WarEdit

Napoleonic WarsEdit

War of 1812Edit

HMS Leopard (right) fires upon USS Chesapeake during the Chesapeake–Leopard Affair.

Argentine War of IndependenceEdit

  • 1825, January 25 – Buenos Aires privateer Tupac Amaru (ex-US Regent) captures the Spanish merchantman Triton

Suppression of the slave tradeEdit

  • 1828, April 2 – HMS Black Joke captures Providentia
  • 1828, May 1 – HMS Black Joke captures Presidenté
  • 1829, February 1 – HMS Black Joke captures Almirante
  • 1829, June 5 – HMS Pickle captures Voladora
  • 1829, June 26 – HMS Monkey captures Midas
  • 1830, September 7 – HMS Primrose captures Veloz Passagera (details)
  • 1832, June 3 – HMS Speedwell captures the slaver Aquila off Cuba

Texas RevolutionEdit

War of the ConfederationEdit

  • 1837, February 5 – Chilean brig Aquiles, which kept the port of Callao blocked, attacked the Confederate schooner Yanacocha and forced her to return to her anchorage.
  • 1838, January 18 – Chilean corvette Libertad captured the Confederate corvette Confederación on the coast of Callao.

First Schleswig WarEdit

Crimean WarEdit

  • 1853, November 17 – Russian steam frigate Vladimir captures Turkish/Egyptian steam frigate Pervaz Bahri in the Black Sea

American Civil WarEdit

Chincha Islands WarEdit

Franco-Prussian WarEdit

Russo-Turkish War of 1877–1878Edit

  • 1877, July 23 – Ottoman central battery ironclad Feth-i Bülend duels inconclusively with Russian auxiliary cruiser Vesta in the Black Sea.

War of the PacificEdit

Spanish–American WarEdit

  • 1898, April 25 – Spanish gunboat Ligera repulses an attack by American torpedo boat USS Foote (details)

Venezuelan Civil WarEdit

  • 1902, February 7 - Rebel auxiliary cruiser Libertador sinks Venezuelan gunboat General Crespo.[3]

Mexican RevolutionEdit

World War IEdit

Russian Civil WarEdit

  • 1920, May 3 – Soviet floating battery Krasnaya Zarya engages French sloop Le Scarpe off Ochakov, damaging her and forcing her surrender.

World War IIEdit

Ecuadorian–Peruvian WarEdit

  • 1941, July 25 – Ecuadorian gunboat Abdón Calderón duels inconclusively with Peruvian destroyer Almirante Villar off Jambeli

Korean WarEdit

Vietnam WarEdit

Sri Lankan Civil WarEdit

  • 2003, March 10 – SLNS Sayura sinks LTTE logistic vessel MV Koimer off Mullaitivu

Anti-piracy in SomaliaEdit

Anti-piracy in the Gulf of GuineaEdit

  • 28 August 2012 – Pirated tanker Energy Centurian fights off a Togolese navy patrol vessel and escapes.[8]
  • 19 February 2016 – Nigerian frigate NNS Okpabana captures the pirated tanker Elvis-3 in the Gulf of Guinea in a contested boarding action.[9]

Second Libyan Civil WarEdit

  • 6 April 2017 – A Libyan Coast Guard vessel captures a migrant smuggling vessel after an action off Zawiya.[10]

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