Simalungun Regency

Simalungun Regency is a regency in North Sumatra, Indonesia. Its seat was formerly at Pematangsiantar, but this city was in recent years separated from the Regency and made into an independent city (kota), although it remains geographically surrounded by the regency, whose new administrative seat is at Raya. The regency now covers an area of 4,369.2 square kilometres, and at the 2010 census it had a population of 817,720;[2] at the 2015 Census this had risen to 848,940; the latest official estimate (as at mid 2018) is 863,693.[3]

Simalungun Regency

(Kabupaten Simalungun)
Official seal of Simalungun Regency
Lokasi Sumatra Utara Kabupaten Simalungun.svg
ProvinceNorth Sumatra
 • Total4,369.20 km2 (1,686.96 sq mi)
 (mid 2018)[1]
 • Total863,693
 • Density200/km2 (510/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+7 (WIB)


The principal group of inhabitants of the Regency (and of Pematangsiantar city, an enclave within the regency) are the Simalungun people, a sub-group of the Batak people. Their language (Simalungan language) is an Austronesian language.


The regent of Simalungun is JR Saragih, who was elected as Regent of Simalungun on Pilkada (election of regional head) 2015.


The regency in 2010 was divided administratively into thirty-one districts (kecamatan), tabulated below with their areas and 2010 Census populations:[4]

Name Area in
Census 2010[4]
Silimakuta 71.3 13,611
Pematang Silimakuta 80.1 10,334
Purba 170.1 21,830
Haranggaol Horison 34.1 4,994
Dolok Pardamean 106.8 16,008
Sidamanik 88.8 26,953
Pematang Sidamanik 125.7 16,283
Girsang Sipangan Bolon 126.9 14,325
Tanah Jawa 198.0 45,568
Hatonduhan 261.1 21,140
Dolok Panribuan 165.9 17,947
Jorlang Hataran 90.0 15,316
Panei 78.9 21,425
Panombean Panei 80.7 19,193
Raya 358.3 30,876
Dolok Silau 324.9 13,716
Silau Kahean 198.0 17,000
Raya Kahean 222.4 17,398
Tapian Dolok 134.0 38,034
Dolok Batu Nanggar 98.2 39,364
Siantar 95.5 62,916
Gunung Malela 83.5 32,676
Gunung Maligas 51.6 26,173
Hutabayu Raja 161.0 29,135
Jawa Maraja Bah Jambi 65.3 19,951
Pematang Bandar 96.9 31,324
Bandar Huluan 73.4 25,738
Bandar 137.1 63,584
Bandar Masilam 57.3 24,316
Bosar Maligas 295.9 38,970
Ujung Padang 235.9 40,522

Since 2010, a 32nd district - Dolok Masagal - has been created.


White CraterEdit

Local people mention it as Bukit Kapur Tinggi Raja, but some people also called it as Kawah Putih (White Crater) same name as Kawah Putih in West Java. The crater is located in Dolok Tinggi Raja Village, 90 kilometers from Medan or 3 to 4 hours drive by motorcycles with route Medan-Lubuk Pakam-Galang-Bangun Purba-Dolok Tinggi Raja. Many people come in Sunday and holidays, so for the best to take photo, weekdays are more convenient.[5]


Parapat is a small town located on edge of the Lake Toba. This place is known for relaxing and tourism. There are some good hotel to stay and there are also available ferries service to Samosir Island.


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Coordinates: 2°54′00″N 99°00′00″E / 2.9000°N 99.0000°E / 2.9000; 99.0000