Sigramnus, Count of Hesbaye

Sigramnus (Sigrand), was the Count of Hesbaye.[citation needed] Sigramnus became Count of Hesbaye by virtue of his marriage to the daughter of Lambert, Count of Hesbaye. The dates of his rule are unknown but are believed to be between that of Lambert’s son and grandson, and so it was perhaps an interim position until the latter became of age. The only knowledge available on Sigramnus is through his son, the Bishop of Metz, and grandson Ingerman of Hesbaye, father of Ermengard, wife of Louis the Pious. Sigramnus is known to have been an early supporter of Charles Martel, even before the Battle of Amblève.

Sigramnus married Landrada, daughter of Lambert, Count of Hesbaye. They had three children:

Previous histories have portrayed Sigramnus as the husband of the daughter of Charles Martel, but this has been largely discredited.[2] Sigramnus was succeeded by his nephew Cancor as Count of Hesbaye.


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