Ingerman, Count of Hesbaye

Ingerman (Ingram, Enguerrand) (c. 750-818), was a Frankish noble and Count of Hesbaye, son of a brother of Saint Chrodegang, the Bishop of Metz and therefore grandson of Sigramnus of Hesbaye.



Ingram came from a high noble family from Haspengouw near Liège. He was a nephew of Chrodegang, Bishop of Metz.

Ingerman married Rotrude, of unknown parentage. Ingerman and Rotrude had one daughter:

Primary sources mentioning Ingoram


There seems to be only one primary source directly mentioning Ingoram.

In a medieval life story of Emperor Louis the Pious, by Thegan of Trier, Louis's wife Ermengarde is said to be a daughter of the noble duke Ingorammus, who was son of a brother of Hruotgangi "sancti pontificis",[2] or in other words Saint Chrodegang.

Chrodegang in turn was named in one medieval record as having parents who were nobles from Hasbania (Hesbaye).[3] Paul the Deacon identified the parents of Chrodegang as Sigram and Landrada.


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