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Ingerman, Count of Hesbaye

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Ingerman (Ingram, Enguerrand) (c. 750-818), was a Frankish noble and Count of Hesbaye, son of Sigram of Hesbaye, a grandson of Sigramnus, Count of Hesbaye (a contemporary and ally of Charlemanges grandfather Charles Martel) and so a great-grandson of Lambert of Hesbaye, a man whose other daughter was Charlemanges grandmother, Rotrude of Triar. Therefore he was second cousins with Charlemagne through the same Great Grandfather. He was related by marriage to Robert II, Count of Hesbaye, who was grandfather of Robert the Strong. He was also nephew of Chrodegang, Archbishop of Metz and first abbot of the Lorsch Abbey.

Ingerman married Rotrude, of unknown parentage. Ingerman and Rotrude had one daughter:

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