Ingerman, Count of Hesbaye

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Ingerman (Ingram, Enguerrand) (c. 750-818), was a Frankish noble and Count of Hesbaye, son of Sigram of Hesbaye and grandson of Sigramnus of Hesbaye.

Ingerman married Rotrude, of unknown parentage. Ingerman and Rotrude had one daughter:

Primary sources mentioning IngoramEdit

There seems to be only one primary source directly mentioning Ingoram.

In a medieval life story of Emperor Louis the Pious, by Thegan of Trier, Louis's wife Ermengarde is said to be a daughter of the noble duke Ingorammus, who was son of a brother of Hruotgangi "sancti pontificis".[2] This in turn is believed to refer to Saint Chrodegang, the Bishop of Metz.

Chrodegang in turn was named in one medieval record as having parents who were nobles from Hasbania (Hesbaye).[3]


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