Sheepwash Channel Railway Bridge

Sheepwash Channel Railway Bridge is a railway bridge over Sheepwash Channel in west Oxford, England, just north of Oxford railway station.[1] To the north are Cripley Meadow and Fiddler's Island. To the south are Osney Island and the Botley Road.

Sheepwash Channel Railway Bridge
Oxford - LNWR Swing Bridge - - 95063.jpg
The Sheepwash Channel Railway Bridge with the old Rewley Road Swing Bridge in the foreground, on the Sheepwash Channel.
Coordinates51°45′20″N 1°16′15″W / 51.755586°N 1.270946°W / 51.755586; -1.270946Coordinates: 51°45′20″N 1°16′15″W / 51.755586°N 1.270946°W / 51.755586; -1.270946
CarriesCherwell Valley Line
CrossesSheepwash Channel
LocaleOxford, England
Maintained byNetwork Rail
DesignGirder bridge
No. of spans1

The bridge is close to Rewley Road Swing Bridge just to the east,[2] an older and now disused swing bridge for the former Buckinghamshire Railway line of London and North Western Railway that used to serve the Oxford Rewley Road railway station.[3] It is also close to Rewley Road Bridge to the east.[1] Sheepwash channel links the River Thames with the Oxford Canal via Castle Mill Stream and Isis Lock.



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