Rewley Road Swing Bridge

Rewley Road Swing Bridge is a disused railway swing bridge over Sheepwash Channel in west Oxford, England.[1][2] To the north are Cripley Meadow and Fiddler's Island and to the south are Osney Island and the Botley Road.

Rewley Road Swing Bridge
Oxford - LNWR Swing Bridge - - 95063.jpg
The old Rewley Road Swing Bridge with the newer Sheepwash Channel Railway Bridge behind over the Sheepwash Channel.
Coordinates51°45′20″N 1°16′15″W / 51.755599°N 1.270721°W / 51.755599; -1.270721Coordinates: 51°45′20″N 1°16′15″W / 51.755599°N 1.270721°W / 51.755599; -1.270721
CarriesBuckinghamshire Railway
CrossesSheepwash Channel
LocaleOxford, England
Maintained byOxford Preservation Trust
DesignSwing bridge
MaterialSteel girder
No. of spans1
DesignerRobert Stephenson

The bridge was designed by Robert Stephenson and built in 1850–1.[3] It was reconstructed in 1890 and 1906, latterly using steel girders. The bridge closed to passenger traffic in 1951 and to goods in 1984.


The swing bridge was for the former Buckinghamshire Railway line of London and North Western Railway that used to serve the Oxford Rewley Road railway station (later London, Midland and Scottish Railway, LMS), which was on the site of the Saïd Business School.[4][5] It is close to Rewley Road Bridge to the east and Sheepwash Channel Railway Bridge to the west, which also cross Sheepwash Channel.[1]

Restoration projectEdit

The bridge is one of two swing bridges in England that are scheduled monuments.[3] In 2019, ownership passed from Network Rail to the Oxford Preservation Trust.[6]



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