Shariful Haque Dalim

Shariful Haque Dalim (born 2 February 1946)[2] is a former decorated Bangladesh Liberation War veteran and ambassador of Bangladesh.[3] He was also convicted for his part in the assassination of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the country's founding father, in 1975.

Shariful Haque Dalim
শরীফুল হক ডালিম
Personal details
Born (1946-02-02) 2 February 1946 (age 76)
Dhaka, Bengal Presidency, British India
SpouseNimmi Dalim
Awards Bir Uttom[1]
Military service
  • Pakistan
  • Bangladesh
Years of service1964–1971[2]


Dalim had joined the Pakistan Army. When the Bangladesh Liberation War started he joined the Mukti Bahini. In 1974, he was stationed with the Bengal Lancers. Due to accusation of breach of discipline he lost his commission in 1974.[4]

Assassination of Sheikh Mujibur RahmanEdit

Dalim, along with a few other Bangladesh Army officers including Major Syed Faruque Rahman and Khandaker Abdur Rashid, planned a coup which took place on 15 August 1975. He was asked to lead the attack on the house of President Sheikh Mujib but he refused to do so. He was then given charge of the 2nd Field Artillery Regiment. Assassination of Sheikh Mujib took place during the course of the coup.[5] He took control of Bangladesh Betar radio station and made an announcement. He said "I am Major Dalim speaking; autocrat Sheikh Mujib has been killed. The army led by Khondaker Mostaq Ahmad has taken over power. Curfew has been declared".[6]

The coup made Mostaq Ahmad the president. The new president declared martial law and passed the 1975 Indemnity Act which provided legal protection to those involved in the coup.[7] He was reinstated in the army and promoted.[8]

From 1 December 1982 to 6 May 1988, Dalim was the Consulate General of Bangladesh in Hong Kong.[9]

Dalim was dismissed from the army. In 1996 the Awami League government, led by Sheikh Hasina began prosecution process for the case. He lives in Pakistan and has a Kenyan passport. He has business interests in Africa.[10] He was sentenced to death in absentia.[11] He currently has an Interpol warrant out on him.[12]

Personal lifeEdit

Dalim is married to Nimmi Chowdhury.[13] His younger brother is Kamrul Haque Swapan.[14]


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