Bir Uttom

Bir Uttom (Bengali: বীর উত্তম, lit.'Great Valiant Hero') is the second highest award for individual gallantry in Bangladesh after the Bir Sreshtho and the highest gallantry award for a living individual.[1]

Bir Uttom
Bir Uttom ribbon bar.svg
Awarded forBrave warrior of the Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971
DescriptionThe second highest award for individual gallantry in Bangladesh
Presented byBangladesh
Eligibility2nd Highest Gallantry Award of Bangladesh
Status15 December 1973
First awarded15 December 1973
Last awarded22 April 2010
Total awarded posthumously22
Total recipients69
Next (higher)Bir Shrestho
Next (lower)Bir Bikrom

Since the independence of Bangladesh in 1971, 69 people have been awarded the Bir Uttom. [2]


This award was declared on 15 December 1973. A total of 68 people have been rewarded for their bravery and dedication in the liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971.

In April 2010, Brigadier General Jamil Uddin Ahmad was posthumously conferred with the Bir Uttom for being the only army officer present and who was killed while trying to counter the successful assassination attempt on Prime Minister Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on 15 August 1975.

The following list has been prepared from the Bangladesh Gazette of 15 December 1973:

Bangladesh ArmyEdit

Sl. no. ID no. Rank (At the time of the award) NAME
01 B.A.-5115 Major Ziaur Rahman
02 B.R.R.-1550 Lieutenant Colonel Md. A. Rob, M.N.A.
03 B.A.-5121 Major K. M. Shafiullah
04 B.A.-3613 Major Chitta Ranjan Dutta
05 B.A.-2215 Major Quazi Nuruzzaman
06 B.A.-5512 Major Mir Shawkat Ali
07 B.A.-5553 Major Khaled Mosharraf
08 B.A.-6030 Major Abul Manzur
09 B. A.-6472 Major Abu Taher
10 B.A.-182 Major A.J.M Aminul Haque
11 B.A.-6286 Captain A. N. M. Nuruzzaman
12 B.A.-7210 Major Rafiqul Islam
13 B.S.S.-7704 Captain Abdus Salek Chowdhury
14 - Leader Gonobahini Khwaja Nizamuddin Bhuyan (Shaheed)
15 B.A.-7942 Captain Harun Ahmed Choudhury
16 B.S.S.-8544 Major A.T.M. Haider
17 B.S.S.-10012 Captain M.A. Gaffar Haldar
18 B.A.-10170 Major Shariful Haque Dalim
19 B.A.-11521 Captain Mohammad Shahjahan
20 B.A.-11562 Captain Mahbubur Rahman
21 B.A.-6489 Major Mohammad Ziauddin
22 B.A.-10561 Captain Mirza Aftabul Qader
23 B.A.-11038 Captain Mahbubur Rahman (Shaheed)
24 - Captain (2-E.Bengal) Salah Uddin Momtaz (Posthumously)
25 B.A.-10244 Captain (2-E.Bengal) Mohammad Azizur Rahman
26 N.Y.A. Lieutenant (8-E. Bengal) S. M. Imdadul Hoque (Shaheed)
27 N.Y.A. 2nd Lieutenant(1-E Bengal) Mohammad Anwar Hossain (Shaheed)
28 S.S.-33 2nd Lieutenant(1-E Bengal) Abu Mayeen Ashfakus Samad (Shaheed)
29 B.J.O.-26507 Subedar (3-East Bengal) Aftab Ali
30 B.J.O.-3932129 Subedar Fayez Ahmed
31 B.J.O.-3933821 Naib Subedar Belayet Ahmed (Shaheed)
32 B.J.O.-3933525 Naib Subedar Moinul Hossain (Shaheed)
33 N.Y.A. Naib Subedar (3-East Bengal) Habibur Rahman
34 3931908 Havildar Md. Shah Alam (Shaheed)
35 3940899 Havildar Nurul Amin
36 1240160 Havildar Nasir Uddin (Shaheed)
37 3937853 Naik Abdul Mannan (Shaheed)
38 3937853 Lance Naik Abdul Latif (Shaheed)
39 14561 Lance Naik Abdus Sattar
40 6804756 Sepoy Nurul Haque (Shaheed)
41 - Sepoy (8-E. Bengal) Mohammad Shamsuzzaman (Shaheed)
42 - Sepoy (9-E. Bengal) Shafil Min (Shaheed)
43 B.J.O.-893 Subedar Fazlu Rahman (Shaheed)
44 B.J.O.-8772 Naib Subedar Mujibur Rahman (Shaheed)
45 6613 Naik Shafiuddin Choudhury (Shaheed)
46 17663 Sepoy Abu Taleb (Shaheed)
47 0259 Sepoy Mohammad Salahuddin Ahmed
48 13075 Sepoy Anwar Hossain (Shaheed)
49 6040 Sepoy Ershad Ali (Shaheed)

Bangladesh NavyEdit

Sl. no. ID no. Rank (At the time of award) NAME
50 0148 Naval Commando Mozahar Ullah
51 66059 L/S Mohammad Zalal Uddin
52 66252 E-R-A Mohammad Afzal Miah
53 640512 M-E-I Mohammad Badiul Alam
54 620316 A-B Mohammed Sirajul Moula
55 67981 Sub/Lt. Abdul Wahid Choudhury
56 0230 Sub/Lt. Matiur Rahman (Bir Bikrom)
57 0072 Naval Commando Mohammad Shah Alam

Bangladesh Air ForceEdit

Sl. no. ID no. Rank (At the time of award) NAME
58 B.D- 1300 Group Captain Abdul Karim Khandker
59 B.D. -3733 Wing Commander M Khademul Bashar
60 4295 Squadron Leader Sultan Mahmud
61 4921 Flight Lieutenant Samsul Alam
62 4974 Flight Lieutenant Badrul Alam
63 5121 Flying Officer Liaquat Ali Khan


Sl. no. ID no. Rank (At the time of award) NAME
64 - Captain Shahabuddin
65 - Captain Akram
66 - Captain Sharfuddin
67 - H. 2nd Lt. M H Siddiqui
68 - - Abdul Kader Siddiqui

Post 1971Edit

Sl. no. ID no. Rank (At the time of award) NAME
69 - Brigadier General (Posthumous) Jamil Uddin Ahmad

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