Shanghai Indoor Stadium station

Shanghai Indoor Stadium (simplified Chinese: 上海体育馆; traditional Chinese: 上海體育館; pinyin: Shànghǎi Tǐyùguǎn) is an interchange station between lines 1 and 4 of the Shanghai Metro.[1] This station is part of the initial southern section of the line that opened on 28 May 1993[2][3] and is located in Xuhui District; the interchange with Line 4 opened on 31 December 2005.[4]

Shanghai Indoor Stadium

Shanghai Metro
Shanghai Indoor Stadium Station.jpg
Line 1 platform
LocationNorth Caoxi Road and Lingling Road (零陵路)
Xuhui District, Shanghai
Coordinates31°10′58″N 121°26′15″E / 31.182813°N 121.437423°E / 31.182813; 121.437423Coordinates: 31°10′58″N 121°26′15″E / 31.182813°N 121.437423°E / 31.182813; 121.437423
Operated byShanghai No. 1/3 Metro Operation Co. Ltd.
  • 28 May 1993 (1993-05-28) (Line 1)
  • 31 December 2005 (2005-12-31) (Line 4)
Preceding station   Shanghai Metro   Following station
toward Fujin Road
Line 1
toward Xinzhuang
toward clockwise direction
Line 4
toward counter-clockwise direction
Shanghai Indoor Stadium is located in Shanghai
Shanghai Indoor Stadium
Shanghai Indoor Stadium
Location in Shanghai


The Chinese name of this station (上海体育馆, literally Shanghai Sports Hall) refers to the nearby Shanghai Indoor Stadium. However, the station used to bear the English name Shanghai Stadium, referring to the adjacent outdoor stadium called Shanghai Stadium instead of the indoor stadium. After the opening of the nearby Shanghai Stadium Station (上海体育场站) specifically for the outdoor stadium, that station took the English name Shanghai Stadium, while this station was renamed Shanghai Indoor Stadium, now better reflecting the Chinese name.

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In 2007, a man tried to board a crowded train but was unable to. The automatic glass sliding doors closed in on him and he was dragged underneath the train, killing him.[citation needed]


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