Sesostrie Youchigant

Sesostrie Youchigant, also known as Sam Young (born c. 1870;[1] died December 6, 1948),[2] was a chief of the Tunica-Biloxi tribe and the last known native speaker of the Tunica language.[1][3] He worked with linguist Mary Haas in 1933 (and during four subsequent visits between 1933 and 1938) to describe what he remembered of the language, which he had learned as a child.[1] Haas's 1935 doctoral dissertation, A Grammar of the Tunica Language, was a result of this collaboration.[4] Haas's Tunica Texts (1950) and much of Tunica Dictionary (1953) are also based on her work with Youchigant.[1][5]

Sesostrie Youchigant
Sesostrie Youchigant.jpg
Bornc. 1870
Died(1948-12-06)December 6, 1948
Other namesSam Young


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