Serayu (train)

Serayu is an economy-class train running twice a day between Purwokerto and Pasar Senen via Kroya, Banjar, Tasikmalaya, Kiaracondong, Cimahi and Purwakarta. The train was previously known as Cepat Sidareja, Cipuja, and Citrajaya. The name Serayu is derived from the Serayu River, which the train crosses twice on its journey.

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Serayu train pulled by GE U20C running between Cibitung and Tambun
Service typeInter-city rail
LocaleWest Java, Indonesia
First service22 November 1985; 36 years ago (1985-11-22)
Current operator(s)Kereta Api Indonesia Operational Area 5 Purwokerto
EndPasar Senen, Jakarta
Distance travelled417 km (259 mi)
Service frequencyDaily each way
Train number(s)301-308
On-board services
Class(es)Economy class only
Disabled accessRestricted due to age of rolling stock
Seating arrangementsBus style (3-2)
Catering facilitiesOn-board café
Baggage facilitiesOverhead racks, baggage carriage
Rolling stock
  • 1 GE U18C, GE U20C, or GE CM20EMP locomotive
  • 6 economy class AC PSO carriages
  • 1 bagage "Cargo" carriage
  • 1 dining carriage
  • 1 generator carriage
Track gauge1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Operating speed60–100 km/h


Initially called Cepat Sidareja at its inauguration in 1985, the morning train was later renamed to Cipuja, while its night train counterpart was named Citrajaya and the route was extended to Cilacap and Jakarta. The train Galuh called at stations on this route which were skipped by both Cipuja and Citrajaya. In the early 2000s, Cipuja and Citrajaya were rebranded to Serayu. In 2013, the route was extended to Purwokerto.


The Serayu train runs four times daily, twice per direction, following the route PurwokertoKroyaMaosGandrungmangunSidarejaBanjarCiamisTasikmalayaCipeundeuyCibatuKiaracondongCimahiPurwakartaPasar Senen.

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