September 1590 papal conclave

The September 1590 papal conclave, attended by 54 cardinals, elected Cardinal Giovanni Battista Castagna as Pope Urban VII.[1][2]

Papal conclave
September 1590
Dates and location
7–15 September 1590[1]
Apostolic Palace, Papal States
Key officials
DeanGiovanni Antonio Serbelloni
Sub-deanAlfonso Gesualdo
CamerlengoEnrico Caetani
ProtopriestMark Sittich von Hohenems Altemps
ProtodeaconAndreas von Österreich
Elected pope
Giovanni Battista Castagna
Name taken: Urban VII
← 1585

The conclave lasted a week, and was heavily swayed by the influence of the twenty-two Spanish cardinals.[3][4][2] Castagna, who had been favored by Sixtus V as a successor and was on the list of candidates whom Philip II of Spain had approved, was a favorite from the beginning,[1][2][5] although a significant opposing faction supported Marco Antonio Colonna.[1][6] Castagna's poor health, which would ultimately kill him after a papacy of only thirteen days, made him a more palatable candidate to cardinals who were outraged at Philip's attempts to sway the election.[2]

Contemporary newspapers reported that a disagreement between Cardinals Ascanio Colonna and Francesco Sforza di Santa Fiora during the conclave nearly became violent.[7]

Diagram of the cardinals' cubicles at the 1590 papal conclave.

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