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Sega Ages is a series of compilations and rereleases of classic Sega video games across several platforms, primarily developed by M2. The first set of games was released for the Sega Saturn primarily in Japan, and another set was released on the PlayStation 2 in Japan, known as Sega Ages 2500. Some of the 2500 titles were released in North America and Europe in Sega Classics Collection. There is also the Sega Ages Online series on the PlayStation Store for PlayStation 3 in Japan, and a new series for the Nintendo Switch will be released on the Nintendo eShop in 2018. The Sega Ages series differs from most "retro" video game rereleases in that rather than compiling a number of games, most of them contain only one game and are instead sold at a very low price.[1]


Sega Saturn seriesEdit

Sega released several Sega Ages games for the Sega Saturn in Japan:

Title Release Games included
Sega Ages Vol.1 Syukudai ga Tant-R 1996 May 24 Puzzle and Action: Tant-R
Sega Ages Vol.2 Space Harrier 1996 Aug 9
Sega Ages OutRun 1996 Sep 20
Sega Ages After Burner II 1996 Sep 27
Sega Ages Rouka ni Ichidant-R 1996 Dec 27 Puzzle and Action: Ichidant-R
Sega Ages Fantasy Zone 1997 Feb 21
Sega Ages Memorial Selection Vol.1 1997 Feb 28 Flicky, Head On, Pengo, Up'n Down[2]
Sega Ages Columns Arcade Collection 1997 Oct 30 Columns, Columns II: The Voyage Through Time, Stack Columns, Columns 97[3]
Sega Ages Memorial Selection Vol.2 1997 Nov 27 Doki Doki Penguin Land, Samurai, Sindbad Mystery, Star Jacker, Monaco GP, Ninja Princess[4]
Sega Ages Power Drift 1998 Feb 26
Sega Ages Phantasy Star Collection 1998 Apr 2 Phantasy Star, Phantasy Star II, Phantasy Star III, Phantasy Star IV[5]
Sega Ages Galaxy Force II 1998 Jul 2
Sega Ages I Love Mickey Mouse: Fushigi no Oshiro Daibouken/I Love Donald Duck: Guruzia Ou no Hihou 1998 Oct 15


These versions of Space Harrier, Out Run, and After Burner II were released in North America and Europe on a single disc called Sega Ages, published by Working Designs under their Spaz imprint in North America. It was a best-seller in the United Kingdom.[7]

Sega Ages 2500Edit

Sega Ages 2500 is a series of budget-priced games published by Sega, released for the PlayStation 2 console in Japan. The series was titled in reference to the suggested retail price of JP¥2,500 for each game. Initially, these were part of a joint venture with D3 Publisher called 3D AGES (SEGA D3 spelled backwards).[8] These releases were primarily remakes of classic arcade titles with modern 3D graphics and new gameplay features, but also included 2D remakes (the Phantasy Star games) and ports (Virtua Racing and Bonanza Bros.).

Sega assumed control of the project with the release of Decathlete, and the 3D AGES development studio was retired with the release of Phantasy Star Generation 2. At this point, the direction of the series shifted focus from remakes to compilations of emulated titles, and ports (enhanced or otherwise) of classic Sega games. Sega produced these titles themselves, but the actual development work was frequently outsourced to other studios, most notably M2.

The notable exception to this shift away from remakes came with the final release in the series, Fantasy Zone Complete Collection, which included a compilation of classic games as well as a remake of Fantasy Zone II: The Tears of Opa-Opa done in a style contemporaneous with the original. The protracted development of this game took over two years, following which Sega decided to retire the series.

List of complete series' titlesEdit

Titles in the Sega Ages 2500 series
Vol. Release Title Developed by Notes
1 2003-08-28 Phantasy Star Generation 1 Jam Co., Ltd.
2 2003-08-28 Monaco GP Tamsoft Corporation Included in Sega Classics Collection.
3 2003-08-28 Fantasy Zone SIMS Co., Ltd. Included in Sega Classics Collection.
4 2003-09-25 Space Harrier Tamsoft Corporation Included in Sega Classics Collection.
5 2003-09-25 Golden Axe SIMS Co., Ltd. Included in Sega Classics Collection.
6 2004-01-15 Puzzle & Action: Ichini no Tant-R to Bonanza Bros. Jam Co., Ltd. Included in Sega Classics Collection, Bonanza Bros. advertised first.
7 2003-12-18 Columns SIMS Co., Ltd. Included in Sega Classics Collection.
8 2004-02-26 Virtua Racing -FlatOut- Vingt-et-un Systems Included in Sega Classics Collection.
9 2004-02-26 Gain Ground Warashi
10 2004-03-18 After Burner II SIMS Co., Ltd.
11 2004-03-25 Hokuto no Ken SIMS Co., Ltd. Remake version that also includes the same original title for the Master System.
12 2004-05-24 Puyo Puyo Tsū Perfect Set Enter
13 2004-05-27 OutRun SIMS Co., Ltd. Included in Sega Classics Collection.
14 2004-07-29 Alien Syndrome h.a.n.d. Included in North American version of Sega Classics Collection.
15 2004-07-29 DecAthlete Collection Vingt-et-un Systems Contains: DecAthlete, Winter Heat, and Virtua Athlete 2K.
16 2004-10-14 Virtua Fighter 2 Sega
17 2005-03-24 Phantasy Star Generation 2 Sega Original Sega Genesis version of Phantasy Star II is included along with the remake
18 2005-08-18 Dragon Force Sega
19 2005-04-28 Fighting Vipers Sega AM2
20 2005-10-27 Space Harrier II: Space Harrier Complete Collection M2 Contains: Space Harrier II, the Master System and arcade versions of Space Harrier, and Space Harrier 3-D.
21 2005-10-27 SDI & Quartet: Sega System 16 Collection M2
22 2006-02-23 Advanced Daisenryaku: Doitsu Dengeki Sakusen Chicken Head Co-published by SystemSoft Alpha
23 2005-12-22 Sega Memorial Selection Jam Co., Ltd. Contains: Congo Bongo, Doki Doki Penguin Land, Borderline, Tranquilizer Gun, and Head On, as well as remakes of each game.
24 2006-06-29 Last Bronx: Tokyo Bangaichi M2
25 2006-02-23 Gunstar Heroes: Treasure Box M2 This volume also contains Dynamite Headdy and Alien Soldier.
26 2006-04-27 Dynamite Deka Sega of China
27 2006-04-27 Panzer Dragoon Land Ho!
28 2006-09-28 Tetris Collection M2 Contains: the classic Tetris, Bloxeed, Flash Point, and Tetris New Century.
29[9] 2007-03-08 Monster World Complete Collection M2 Contains: Wonder Boy, Wonder Boy in Monster Land, Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap, Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair, Wonder Boy in Monster World, and Monster World IV.
30 2007-07-26 Galaxy Force II: Special Extended Edition M2 In addition to remake titled Galaxy Force Neo Classic, there are the original arcade and its Master System and Genesis ports.
31 2007-10-25 Dennō Senki: Cyber Troopers Virtual-On M2
32 2008-03-27 Phantasy Star Complete Collection[10] M2 Contains: Phantasy Star, Phantasy Star II, Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom, Phantasy Star IV, Phantasy Star II Text Adventure, Phantasy Star Gaiden, and Phantasy Star Adventure.
33 2008-09-11 Fantasy Zone Complete Collection M2 Contains: Fantasy Zone, Fantasy Zone II, Fantasy Zone Gear, Super Fantasy Zone, Galactic Protector, Fantasy Zone: The Maze, and an original "what if" remake, Fantasy Zone II: System 16 Version.

Several other titles were cancelled due to the discontinuation of 3D Ages, namely: Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Bare Knuckle, Sonic The Hedgehog, and Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium.

Sega Classics CollectionEdit

A compilation of nine of the Sega Ages 3D remake titles were released in North America and Europe in 2005 and 2006 respectively for PlayStation 2.

List of titles included in the Sega Classics Collection
Title Sega Ages Volume Notes
Monaco GP Vol. 2
Fantasy Zone Vol. 3
Space Harrier Vol. 4
Golden Axe Vol. 5
Bonanza Bros. Vol. 6 also includes Tant-R
Columns Vol. 7
Virtua Racing Vol. 8
Out Run Vol. 13
Alien Syndrome Vol. 14 in North America only

Sega Ages OnlineEdit

In Japan, there are six Sega classic game releases that are available on the PlayStation Store for PlayStation 3 that use the Sega Ages Online label. On May 22, 2012, Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Super Hang-On, The Revenge of Shinobi, Wonder Boy in Monster Land, Wonder Boy in Monster World, and Monster World IV were released on the PlayStation Store for PlayStation 3 in all regions but they only use the Sega Ages Online label in Japan. These emulations were handled by M2.

Nintendo SwitchEdit

A line of Sega Ages titles are being developed by M2 for the Nintendo Switch as Nintendo eShop downloads. Rieko Kodama is serving as lead producer for the series.[11] The first ten games were announced as Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Columns II, Gain Ground, Out Run, Phantasy Star, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Space Harrier, Thunder Force AC, and Thunder Force IV.[12][13][14][15] Sega plans to initially release at least 15 arcade, Master System, and Sega Genesis titles for the Nintendo Switch, as well as titles from the Saturn and Dreamcast libraries over time.[16] The service debuted for the Nintendo Switch worldwide on September 20, 2018 with Sonic the Hedgehog and Thunder Force IV.

Sega Ages for Nintendo Switch
Title[17] Original system Japanese release Worldwide release
Sonic the Hedgehog Sega Genesis 20 September 2018
Thunder Force IV Sega Genesis 20 September 2018
Phantasy Star Master System 31 October 2018 13 December 2018
Out Run Arcade 29 November 2018 10 January 2019
Gain Ground Arcade 27 December 2018 TBA
Alex Kidd in Miracle World Master System 21 February 2019 TBA
Space Harrier Arcade TBA
Columns II Arcade TBA
Thunder Force AC Arcade TBA
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Sega Genesis TBA
Virtua Racing Arcade TBA
Puyo Puyo Arcade TBA
Puyo Puyo 2 Arcade TBA


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