Second Whitlam Ministry

The Second Whitlam Ministry (Labor) was the 48th ministry of the Government of Australia. It was led by the country's 21st Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam. The Second Whitlam Ministry succeeded the First Whitlam Ministry, which dissolved on 19 December 1972 after the final results of the federal election that took place on 2 December became known and the full ministry was able to be sworn in. The ministry was replaced by the Third Whitlam Ministry on 12 June 1974 following the 1974 federal election.[1]

Second Whitlam Ministry
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48th Ministry of Australia
Date formed19 December 1972
Date dissolved12 June 1974
People and organisations
MonarchElizabeth II
Governor-GeneralSir Paul Hasluck
Prime MinisterGough Whitlam
Deputy Prime MinisterLance Barnard
No. of ministers27
Member partyLabor
Status in legislatureMajority government
Opposition partyLiberal
Opposition leaderBilly Snedden
Outgoing election18 May 1974
Legislature term(s)28th
PredecessorFirst Whitlam Ministry
SuccessorThird Whitlam Ministry

The order of seniority in the Second Whitlam Ministry was determined by the order in which members were elected to the Ministry by the Caucus on 18 December 1972, except for the four parliamentary leaders, who were elected separately.

As of 24 August 2017, Bill Hayden, Doug McClelland and Moss Cass are the last surviving members of the Second Whitlam Ministry.


Minister Portrait Portfolio
  Hon Gough Whitlam QC

MP for Werriwa

  Hon Lance Barnard

MP for Bass

  Hon Dr Jim Cairns

MP for Lalor

  Hon Bill Hayden

MP for Oxley

  Hon Frank Crean

MP for Melbourne Ports

  Hon Lionel Murphy QC

Senator for New South Wales

  Hon Don Willesee

Senator for Western Australia

  Hon Doug McClelland

Senator for New South Wales

  Hon Dr Rex Patterson

MP for Dawson

  Hon Reg Bishop

Senator for South Australia

  Hon Fred Daly

MP for Grayndler

  Hon Clyde Cameron

MP for Hindmarsh

  Hon Tom Uren

MP for Reid

  Hon Charles Jones

MP for Newcastle

  Hon Kim Beazley

MP for Fremantle

  Hon Frank Stewart

MP for Lang

  Hon Jim Cavanagh

Senator for South Australia

  Hon Ken Wriedt

Senator for Tasmania

  Hon Gordon Bryant

MP for Wills

  Hon Rex Connor

MP for Cunningham

  Hon Al Grassby

MP for Riverina

  Hon Les Johnson

MP for Hughes

  Hon Kep Enderby (QC)

MP for Australian Capital Territory

MP for Canberra

  Hon Lionel Bowen

MP for Kingsford-Smith

  Hon Dr Doug Everingham

MP for Capricornia

  Hon Dr Moss Cass

MP for Maribyrnong

  Hon Bill Morrison

MP for St George


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