Second Salandra government

The Salandra II government of Italy held office from 5 November 1914 until 18 June 1916, a total of 591 days, or 1 year, 7 months and 13 days.[1]

Salandra II government

50th Cabinet of Italy
Date formed5 November 1914
Date dissolved18 June 1916
People and organisations
Head of stateVictor Emmanuel III
Head of governmentAntonio Salandra
Total no. of members13
Member partyUL, PRI
PredecessorSalandra I Cabinet
SuccessorBoselli Cabinet

Government parties Edit

The government was composed by the following parties:

Party Ideology Leader
Liberal Union Liberalism Giovanni Giolitti
Italian Republican Party Republicanism Salvatore Barzilai

Composition Edit

Office Name Party Term
Prime Minister Antonio Salandra Liberal Union (1914–1916)
Minister of the Interior Antonio Salandra Liberal Union (1914–1916)
Minister of Foreign Affairs Sidney Sonnino Liberal Union (1914–1916)
Minister of Grace and Justice Vittorio Emanuele Orlando Liberal Union (1914–1916)
Minister of Finance Edoardo Daneo Liberal Union (1914–1916)
Minister of Treasury Paolo Carcano Liberal Union (1914–1916)
Minister of War Vittorio Italico Zupelli Military (1914–1916)
Paolo Morrone Military (1916–1916)
Minister of the Navy Leone Viale Military (1914–1915)
Camillo Corsi Military (1915–1916)
Minister of Agriculture, Industry and Commerce Giannetto Cavasola Independent (1914–1916)
Minister of Public Works Augusto Ciuffelli Liberal Union (1914–1916)
Minister of Public Education Pasquale Grippo Independent (1914–1916)
Minister of the Colonies Ferdinando Martini Liberal Union (1914–1916)
Minister of Post and Telegraphs Vincenzo Riccio Liberal Union (1914–1916)
Minister for the Lands freed by the Enemy Salvatore Barzilai Italian Republican Party (1915–1916)

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