Schondorf (Verwaltungsgemeinschaft)

States of Germany: Bavaria
Government district: Upper Bavaria
District: Landsberg am Lech
Area: 20.92 km2 (8.08 sq mi)
Population: 7,561 (30 Sept. 2005)
Vehicle registration plates: LL
Address of administration: Verwaltungsgemeinschaft
Schondorf am Ammersee
Rathausplatz 1
86938 Schondorf am Ammersee
Website: (in German)
Position of the municipal association Schondorf am Ammersee in the district of Landsberg am Lech Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Schondorf am Ammersee in LL.svg

The Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Schondorf am Ammersee (until 31 March 2009 officially: Schondorf a.Ammersee) in the Upper Bavaria district of Landsberg am Lech was created on 1 May 1978 by regulation by the government of Upper Bavaria.

Members are the municipalities:

  1. Eching, 1,657 Population
  2. Greifenberg, 2,040 Population
  3. Schondorf, 3,904 Population

The seat of the administrative community is Schondorf am Ammersee.

Coordinates: 48°03′10″N 11°05′27″E / 48.052906°N 11.090747°E / 48.052906; 11.090747