Sayed Borhan

Sayed Borhan Khan (1624 – c. 1680) was a khan of Qasim Khanate from 1627 to 1679. He was a son of Arslanghali and Fatima Soltan. After the death of his father he was crowned as a khan of Qasim. Sayed Borhan's regents were Fatima Soltan and her father Agha Muhammad Shah Quli Sayyid. During his reign the Khanate was totally placed under Moscow control, Russian authorities enforced Christianization. In 1679 Sayed Borhan abdicated and was baptized as Vasili.

Sayed Borhan
Khan of the Tatar Qasim Khanate
Reign1627 – 1679
SuccessorFatima Soltan
Diedc. 1680
MotherFatima Soltan
Preceded by
Khan of Qasim
Succeeded by
Fatima Soltan


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