Arslanghali (Arslan, Arıslan) khan [1] (died 1627) was a khan of the Qasim Khanate from 1614 to 1627, and a son of Ghali khan and a grandson of Kuchum. In 1598 he was captured by the Russians during Kuchum's final defeat.[2] In the time of Troubles he with his father fought against the False Dmitriys. Supporting Mikhail Romanov, he became a khan in the vassal Qasim Khanate, but his rule was limited and rather formal: only the Muslims and Kasimov population obeyed him.

Khan of the Tatar Qasim Khanate
Reign1614 – 1627
PredecessorEid al-Muhammad ibn Ondak Sultan
SuccessorSayed Borhan
FatherGhali khan


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  1. ^ Arslan and variants means 'lion' in many Turkic languages. 'Ghali' may be a Tatar version of Ali.(see ru:Али (сибирский хан)).
  2. ^ Henry Hoyle Howorth, History of the Mongols,1880. Part 2, page 437 (one paragraph biography