Saw Htut of Pinya

Saw Htut (Burmese: စောထွတ်, pronounced [sɔ́ tʰʊʔ]) was the chief consort of Sithu of Pinya from 1340 to 1344.[1] Her husband is not mentioned in any of the royal chronicles. He only appears in a Pinya era inscription as "King" Myinsaing Sithu. Sithu, who according to the inscription succeeded Uzana I, may have been a regent for his nephew and son-in-law Kyawswa I of Pinya. Their elder daughter Saw Gyi was married to Kyawswa I.[1]

Saw Htut
Chief queen consort of Pinya
Tenure1 September 1340 – 29 March 1344
PredecessorAtula Maha Dhamma Dewi
SuccessorAtula Sanda Dewi
Vicereine of Myinsaing
Tenureafter 13 April 1310 – 1 September 1340
PredecessorSaw U of Myinsaing
SpouseSithu of Pinya
IssueSaw Gyi
Saw Einthe
ReligionTheravada Buddhism


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Saw Htut of Pinya
Royal titles
Preceded by Chief queen consort of Pinya
Succeeded by
Preceded byas Chief queen consort Vicereine of Myinsaing
Succeeded by