SashaTanya (Russian: СашаТаня) is a Russian situation comedy television series, a spin-off of Univer.[1] The first run started on June 3, 2013.[2][3][4][5]

GenreComedy, Situation comedy, Sitcom
Created byVyacheslav Dusmuchametov
Semyon Slepakov
Written bySalim Rachmanov, Vladislav Pak, Emil Valiev
Directed byMichael Starchak
Sergey Kazachansky
ComposerIrina Tumanova
Country of originRussia
Original languageRussian
No. of seasons8
No. of episodes300
Executive producerTaymuraz Badziev
ProducersArtur Janibekyan
Alexander Dulerayn
Vyacheslav Dusmuchametov
Semyon Slepakov
Camera setupAlexander Kuznetsov
Yury Korobeinikov
Running time20–24 minutes
Production companyComedy Club Production
Original release
Novyi Kanal
Release3 June 2013 (2013-06-03) –
present (present)

Plot edit

After graduation, Sasha and Tanya move into a two-room rented apartment on the outskirts of Moscow with their son. Sylvester A. Sergeyev cares about them. In a season 2 Sasha is doing well at work, and he is buying an apartment in a new residential complex. Sylvester A. Sergeyev is marrying Eva and becomes a father of a daughter.[6]

Main сharacters edit

Sasha Sergeev edit

Sasha Sergeev was a student of the Astronomical Faculty in the past, Insurance Manager at present. From the Season 2 he is a General Manager, Insurance. He is married to Tanya, with whom he lived in a dormitory. He has a son Alex. He loves fast food, because dissatisfied with Tatiana’s cooking. To the displeasure of his wife it is affecting his figure. He is struggling to be independent from his father, oligarch Sylvester A. Sergeyev.

Tanya Sergeeva edit

Tanya Sergeeva is a posting-graduate student of Law Faculty in the past. She is a wife of Sasha Sergeev, with whom she lived in a dormitory. In the Season 1 she was a housewife. From the Season 2 she is an Administrator in a Beauty Salon.

Minor characters edit

Alex edit

Alex is a son of Sasha and Tanya. He was born in that times when they were students.

Sylvester A. Sergeyev edit

Sylvester A. Sergeyev is an oligarch, dollar billionaire (37th place in the Forbes), a father of Sasha. He lives on Rublyovka, and he has an expensive luxury car Rolls-Royce Phantom LONG. He is cynical, harsh, hot-tempered, but he has a very good sense of humor. Sylvester A. Sergeyev always tries to help to son and his family financially, though he understands that they don't like it. He often criticizes Gena using humorous epithets, but he considers Gena as a part of his family. In a Season 2 he married Eva, loved her very much and he cared about her and daughter.

Gena edit

Head of Bodyguards of Sylvester A. Sergeyev. He was born in Zlatoust. He served in Russian Airborne Troops. He is silent, sullen and a bit stupid at first glance, but he is a good person, pretty clever, artistic and very competent in bodyguard profession. Gena is the object of jokes for Sylvester A. Sergeyev, but he betrayed to Sylvester with all his heart.

Gosha Rudkovsky edit

A student of the Faculty of Journalism, he was in the army. Tricky and lazy. He loves beer and video games. He has a good sense of humor, but mostly makes jokes on his friends. He is a friend of Sasha and Tanya, and he dates Lily Volkova (they married in Episode 65).

Lily Volkova edit

A student of Faculty of Biology. She was born in Ufa. She is fond of spiritualism and esoteric, very superstitious person. She always tells the truth (even insulting one) and she can’t keep people's secrets. She is vegetarian, extravagance in everything, but in the Season 2 she is more calm. A friend of Sasha and Tanya, she dates with Gosha Rudkovsky (they married in Episode 65).

Arthur "Michael" Mikaelyan edit

Armenian from Adler. Womanizer. He graduated from the Faculty of History; he started to study in post-graduate course to avoid the conscription. He has a good sense of humor, a common sense, and he is very well in business, which helps him expertly extricate from a variety of unpleasant situations. A friend of Sasha and Tanya.

Vyacheslav Grigorievich edit

Vyacheslav Grigorievich Komarov is Sasha's boss. He is democratic: he regularly catches employees for laziness, inactivity and mistakes at work, but he tells them about this with a bit of humor and irony.

Albert edit

Neighbor of Sasha and Tanya. He prefers sporty style clothes and drinking alcohol. He is harmless, always ready (for a small fee) to help, but does not disdain small frauds (eg, in the Season 2 he takes the place of concierge in the building where Sergeyev lives).

Edward "Kuzya" Kuzmin edit

Student of the Faculty of Philology, sportsman. He enjoys playing the guitar, he writes songs, which successfully performs, he was involved in karate before and got a black belt, but because of the head injury, he had to leave the sport. Very good in chess game. He was born in Agapovka, but a lot of time he spend in Kurgan. A friend of Sasha and Tanya.

Eva edit

Eva Sergeeva is a former flight attendant from Krasnoyarsk, a wife Sylvester A. Sergeyev at present (Episode 56), mother of his daughter. She appears in Season 2. She is nice and friendly. She turns to Tanya for assistance in family life, considering her more experienced in it.

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References edit

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