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Sarunyoo Wongkrachang or spelt Sarunyu Wongkrachang (Thai: ศรัณยู วงษ์กระจ่าง; nickname: Tua–ตั้ว; October 17, 1960 in Bang Khonthi District, Samut Songkhram Province, Thailand – June 10, 2020), was a Thai actor, singer, host, activist, screenwriter, director and producer. He was a producer of Thai TV dramas and reached his peak as Thailand's top actor during 80s–90s, best known for his various hugely successful TV drama roles, including Gao Ee Kao Nai Hong Dang (1984), Massaya (1985), Baan Sai Thong (1987), Jaosao Kong Arnon (1988), Rattikarn Yod Rak (1989), Wanalee (1990), Roymarn (1990), Wanida (1991), Tawipop (1992), Mon Rak Look Thoong (1995), Duay Rang Atittarn (1996) and Nai Hoy Tamil (2001).

Sarunyoo Wongkrachang
ศรัณยู วงษ์กระจ่าง
Sarunyoo on PAD stage in 2008
Born(1960-10-17)17 October 1960
Samut Songkhram, Thailand
Died10 June 2020(2020-06-10) (aged 59)
Other names
  • Tua
  • Narunyoo Wongkrachang
EducationArchitecture Chulalongkorn University
  • Actor
  • singer
  • director
  • TV host
  • activist
  • screenwriter
  • producer
Years active1981–2020
(m. 1994)
RelativesThaneth Warakulnukroh (brother)

Sarunyoo acted in more than 50 TV dramas, 20 films, and 20 stage plays, including legendary Mon Rak Look Thoong which became the 3rd most-watched TV drama of all time in Thailand with viewership rating of 36%.[1] He won a Mekhala Award for Best Actor for his role in Tawipop.

Under Saman Karn Lakorn company, Sarunyoo directed, screen-wrote and produced a stage play named Langkha Daeng[2] and TV dramas for Channel 7 including Suparb Buroot Look Puchai (2003 and 2013), Hua Jai Tuan (2014), Roy Rak Rang Kaen (2015), and Ballang Hong (2016).

Early life edit

Sarunyoo was born in Kradangnga, Bang Khonthi District, Samut Songkhram Province. His four siblings include famous singer and actor Thaneth Warakulnukroh but Sarunyoo was adopted by his own aunt whose surname he has been using ever since.

Sarunyoo completed his high school at Suankularb Wittayalai School Batch 92[3] and graduated with a bachelor's degree in Architecture from Chulalongkorn University.[4] He didn't pursue his architect career as later telling BK in an interview that "The architecture faculty's acting club introduced me to what ultimately became the biggest part of my college life. After my third year, I knew that I didn't want to be an architect."[5]

During his college years, Sarunyoo took many leading roles in "Lakorn 'Tapat" or Faculty of Architecture Stage plays and some stage plays of Faculty of Arts as well.[6][7] Not only with his acting talents, his promising good looks also attracted many fangirls and "Lakorn 'Tapat" became the must-sees of the era among high school and college students and urban-resident workers. As a stage play actor and a rugby player, Sarunyoo consequently became a college star.

Career edit

His first public appearance in Thailand's entertainment scene might be as a 'famous' pin-up in an issue of "Dichan" magazine, Sarunyoo posed for many magazines during his early career. After graduation, Sarunyoo did many TV dramas, films, stage plays and he sang a lot of drama songs. Besides, he also joined his seniors from the Faculty of Architecture in a cult TV comedy show called "Petchakart Kwarm Kriad" televised on Channel 9.

Sarunyoo's TV drama debut was Kao Ee Kao Nai Hong Dang on Channel 3. Only that he looked very young in the TV drama of teen problems, Sarunyoo showed his superb acting skills that you wouldn't think he was just a television newbie.

Politics and activism edit

He was interested in politics since childhood. Since the incident on October 14, 1973, and in the incident of the Black May 1992, he joined the protest.

In 1998, when Thaksin Shinawatra founded the Thai Rak Thai party, he was one of the 100 party committee members. He proposed a policy to Thaksin, but his policy was not accepted.[8]

In 2006[9] and 2008, he participated in the People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) or Yellow Shirts, especially in 2008, becoming one of the leaders of the PAD.[10]

Legacy and impact edit

Because of his participation in the protest his life was affected, by being removed as a television host and from TV drama roles.[10]

Death edit

Sarunyoo died on 10 June 2020 due to liver cancer at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital.[11][12][13]

Personal life edit

Sarunyoo married a famous radio DJ, and businesswoman Hattaya Katesang who was raised in London and came back to Thailand after graduation working for her mother's business as well as being a radio DJ. However, Hattaya met Sarunyoo who she co-starred with in the drama Dok Fah Lae Dome Pu Jong Hong (1989). They had twin daughters, Supara Wongkrachang (Look Noon) and Seetala Wongkrachang[A] (Look Nang).[14]

Seetala Wongkrachang was a member of the South Korean girl group H1-KEY from January to May 2022, when she left the group due to personal reason.

Filmography edit

Television edit

Title Year Credited as Channel Ref
Actor Screen writer Director Role(s)
Luerd Kattiya 1983 Yes Anothai Ch3, broadcast banned [15]
Red Chair 1984 Yes Burapa or Piak Channel 3
Baan Soi Dao Yes Aer Tawan Channel 7
Ranad Ek 1985 Yes Ek Channel 7
Massaya 1985 Yes Lt. Luck Rattanamahasarn Channel 7
Kamanita-Vasitthi 1986 Yes Kamanita Channel 3
Ta Le Luerd 1986 Yes Channel 3 [16]
Jittakorn 1986 Yes Channel 7
The House Of Gold 1987 Yes M.R. Paradapatrapee Sawangwong / Chai Klang Channel 7
Pojamarn Sawangwong 1987 Yes M.R. Paradapatrapee Sawangwong / Chai Klang Channel 7
Buang Karm 1987 Yes Channel 7
Awasarn Salesman 1987 Yes Yes Chanapon / Pon Channel 3
Arsom Sang 1988 Yes Naksit Suramethee Channel 3
ฺBorisat Jad Koo 1988 Yes Channel 7
Ta Yart 1988 Yes Channel 3
Game Kamathep 1988 Yes Channel 3
The Bride Of Arnon 1988 Yes Arnon Withayatorn Channel 3
Rattikarn Yod Rak 1989 Yes Dr. Jakkrit Issaraluck Channel 3
Love Affair 1990 Yes Pol.Capt. Siam / Sue Mued Channel 3
Hoad Laew Auan 1990 Yes Yes Channel 3
Tur Keu Duang Dao 1990 Yes Santiparp Channel 5
Theptida Bar 21 1990 Yes Channel 3
Somwang Manood Tod Long 1990 Yes Somwang Channel 3
Roymarn 1990 Yes Ooppama / Mark Channel 3
The Story Of Wanida 1991 Yes Yes Maj. Prajak Mahasak / Yai Channel 3
Fai Shone Sang 1992 Yes Chatchai Channel 3
Mia Naung God Mai 1992 Yes Narain Channel 5
Nam Sau Sai 1993 Yes Peem Channel 7
The Earth Between 1994 Yes Khun Luang Akkarathepwarakorn Channel 7
Plai Fon Ton Nao 1994 Yes Lai Kram Channel 7
Reun Pae 1995 Yes Jane Channel 5
Prasart See Khao 1995 Yes Treepimai / Tree Channel 7
The Music Of Country Song 1995 Yes Klao Channel 7
Duay Rang Atittarn 1996 Yes Krit Channel 7
Tan Tawan 1997 Yes Sarit Channel 3
Tawan Yor Sang 1997 Yes Sakrapee / Alek Channel 3
Khemmarin - Inthira 1997 Yes Khemmarin Channel 5
Kaew Jom Gaen 1997 Yes Channel 5
Duang Yee Wa 1998 Yes Aman Channel 3
Thep Niyai Nai Sa Noa 1998 Yes Yes Channel 3
Por Mai Tee Ded 1998 Yes Channel 7
Pa Lung Rak 1998 Yes Channel 7
She Wit Tee Paw Piang 1999 Yes Shusheep Channel 5
Dome Tong 1999 Yes Adit Sirodom / Chaopraya Sorasak Krai Narong Channel 7
Khun Poo Su Sa 1999 Yes Channel 7
Dung Sai Nam Lai 2000 Yes Peerapat Channel 7
Nai Hoy Tamil 2001 Yes Nai Hoy Kane Channel 7
Rak Kaung Fah 2001 Yes Channel 7
Nampoo 2002 Yes Channel 7
Maha Heng 2003 Yes Channel 7
Suparp Buroot Look Puchai 2003 Yes Yes Channel 7
Langkha Daeng 2004 Yes Yes Yes Dr.Sinngoen Channel 7
Mitr Chaibancha Maya Shewit 2005 Yes Sor.Assanajinda Channel 7
Ror.Sor.112 Kon Thai Rak Paen Din 2005 Yes Channel 5
Lod Lai Mungkorn 2006 Yes Liang Channel 5
Trab Sin Din Fah 2008 Yes Channel 5
Suparp Buroot Look Puchai 2013 Yes Yes Channel 7
Hua Jai Tuen 2014 Yes Yes Channel 7
Roy Rak Rang Kaen 2015 Yes Yes Channel 7
Ban Lang Hong 2016 Yes Yes Channel 7
Jong Rak Pak Dee 2016 Yes Yes Channel 7
Diary Tootsies 2 2017 Yes Win's father (guest appearance) GMM25
Club Friday The Series 9 (Rak Tee Mai Mee Jing) 2017 Yes GMM25 [17]
Sri Ayodhaya 2017 Yes King Borommakot True4U [18]
Dong Pu Dee 2017 Yes Yes Channel 8 [19][20][21]

Film edit

Title Year Credited as Note
Actor Screen writer Director Role(s)
Yah Bork Wa Ter Barb 1987 Yes w/ Sinjai Hongthai
Goai 1989 Yes
Hua Jai See See 1989 Yes Watchara w/ Lalita Panyopas
Kor Sheu Suthee Sam See Chart 1989 Yes Suthee
Len Gub Fai 1990 Yes Prai w/ Lalita Panyopas
Tan Khun Noi Noi Hang Siam 1993 Yes
Blackbirds at Bangpleng 1994 Yes
Bin Laek 1995 Yes
Mahasajan Haeng Rak 1995 Yes Pat w/ Sinjai Hongthai
Ruan Mayura 1996 Yes Khun Pra Nai w/ Nusaba Wanichangkul
Sa Tang 2000 Yes
The Legend of Suriyothai 2001 Yes King Maha Chakkraphat w/
Girl's Friends 2002 Yes Tim's Father
Soom Meu Peun 2005 Yes Ith Umpawa
13 Beloved 2006 Yes Surachai
The Passion Ammahit Pitsawat 2006 Yes Yes Chai
The Legend of King Naresuan 2007 Yes King Maha Chakkraphat
Salad Ta Diow Gub Dek 200 Ta 2008 Yes Captain Rith
Ong Bak 2 2008 Yes Lord Jom Rajasena
The Manitou Vanquisher 2009 Yes Wa-yib
Ong Bak 3 2010 Yes Lord Jom Rajasena
Kon Khon 2011 Yes Yes
Tootsies & the Fake 2019 Yes Win's Father (final film role)

Stage edit

Production Year Theatre Role / Credited as Ref(s)
Soo Fun An Ying Yai (Man of La Mancha) 1987 The National Theatre Miguel de Cervantes / Don Quixote
Rai San Sook 1987 The National Theatre
Pan Tai Norasing 1989 Chalermthai Theatre Pan Tai Norasing
Prat Ya She Wit (The Prophet) Sang Aroon Art and Cultural Center Almustafa
Sunya Luerd Sunya Rak (Dial M For Murder) 1991 A.U.A. Theatre
Cinderella 1991 The National Theatre Prince Philip
Tuen Tuek 1992 A.U.A. Theatre Mongkol / Mong
Talui Muang Tukkata 1992 The National Theatre
Jing Jog Lork Lai (Little Foxes) 1992 A.U.A. Theatre
Talui Muang Tukkata 1993 The National Theatre
Tootsie 1993 A.U.A. Theatre Michael Dorsey / Dorothy Michaels
Tootsie 1993 Bangkok Theatre Michael Dorsey / Dorothy Michaels
Hamlet 1995 Thailand Cultural Centre
Amadeus 1996 Bangkok Theatre
Nang Paya Ngoo Kao (Legend of the White Snake) 1999 Bangkok Theatre Fahai
ART 2000 Bangkok Theatre
Black Comedy : Ruang Lub Lub Ton Dub Fai 2004 Bangkok Theatre [22]
Wiwa Cabaret 2006 Bangkok Metropolis Theatre [22]
Fah Jarod Sai The Musical 2007 Rachadalai Theatre King Ahmed
Tuen Tuek 2 40 Pee Pan Kan Perng Ka Yub 2008 M Theatre [22]
Langkha Daeng The Musical 2012 Bangkok Theatre Producer, Screenwriter & Director [23]
Paen Din Kong Rao 2015 Rachadalai Theatre [24]

Discography edit

Solo Album

  • 1992 Krang Neung (Once)
  • 1995 Hua Jai Look Thoong

Compilation Album

  • 1995 Mon Rak Look Thoong Original Soundtrack Vol.1 & Vol.2
  • 2001 Nai Hoy Tamil Original Soundtrack Vol.1 & Vol.2

Awards edit

Mekhala Awards

Year Nominated work Category Result Ref
1994 Tawipop Best Actor in A Leading Role Won

Golden Television Awards

Year Nominated work Category Result Ref
1994 Kuen Wan Artit (Sunday Night) Outstanding Male Host for A General Program Won

Notes edit

  1. ^ Also spelled and written as "Sitala Wongkrachang".

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