Sardauna, Taraba State

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Sardauna Local Government Area is located in the extreme southeast of Taraba State in Nigeria. It sits atop the Mambilla Plateau, which is dotted by other towns such as Maisamari and Nguroje. The capital of the LGA is Gembu, which is the principal town of various ethnic groups, such as Mambilla, Kaka, Fulani, Ndola, Tigon, Kambu, Chamba and Panso. Other ethnic groups from the mainstream Nigeria and the bordering Cameroon republic such as Hausa and Kanuri also live there.

Country Nigeria
StateTaraba State
Local Government HeadquartersGembu
 • Local Government Chairman and the Head of the Local Government CouncilJohn Yep[1]
Time zoneUTC+1 (WAT)


In contrast to the rather steamy and humid climate of most other parts of southeastern Nigeria, the climate in this part of the country (owing to its altitude) is relatively cool; most days in the dry season the temperature will reach 20-23 C and drop to 16-18 C at night, whilst in the wet season these averages fall a couple of degrees.


Sardauna is highly linguistically diverse, with about two dozen distinct local languages (mostly Fulani languages, Jukunoid languages, Bantoid languages, and Mambiloid languages).[2]


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