Sardana Oyunskaya

Sardana Platonova Oyunskaya (Yakut: Сардана Платоновна Ойунская) (September 6, 1934 - July 13, 2007) was a Yakut folklorist, literary critic, and philologist.

Ойунская Сардаана Платоновна

Oyunskaya was born in Moscow,[1] the daughter of Platon Oyunsky.[2] A graduate of Yakutsk State University, she began working at the Institute of Language, Literature and History in 1962. She authored a monograph on Yakut folk riddles, and co-authored publications on Yakut fairy tales and folk songs; she published numerous other works on Yakut folklore, language, and literature as well. Later in life she began to publish memoirs about her father and his associates;[1] a book of her recollections of him was published in 1999, and republished in 2003.[3][4]


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