Santissimo Salvatore, Palermo

The Church of Most Holy Saviour (Italian: Chiesa del Santissimo Salvatore) is a Baroque church of Palermo. It is located in the main street of the city, the ancient Cassaro, in the quarter of the Albergaria, within the historic centre of Palermo.

Church of Most Holy Saviour
Chiesa del Santissimo Salvatore (in Italian)
Chiesa SS Salvatore (2545811976).jpg
Interior of the church
AffiliationRoman Catholic
ProvinceArchdiocese of Palermo
RiteRoman Rite
Year consecrated1704
LocationPalermo, Italy
Geographic coordinates38°06′51.54″N 13°21′31.51″E / 38.1143167°N 13.3587528°E / 38.1143167; 13.3587528Coordinates: 38°06′51.54″N 13°21′31.51″E / 38.1143167°N 13.3587528°E / 38.1143167; 13.3587528
Architect(s)Paolo Amato
StyleSicilian Baroque

The church was built starting in 1682 in the area of an ancient female Basilian monastery founded by Robert Guiscard in 1072. The building was designed by the architect Paolo Amato, but also Giacomo Amato and Angelo Italia were involved in the construction.

It was said that Constance, Queen of Sicily (1154-1198) had been confined to the church as a nun since childhood when she was a princess, due to the prediction that "her marriage would destroy Sicily" before 30 when she was eventually engaged for political reason.

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