Sang Doo! Let's Go to School

Sang-doo! Let's Go to School! (Korean상두야, 학교가자!; RRSangduya, hakgyo kaja!) is a 2003 South Korean television series starring Rain, Gong Hyo-jin, Lee Dong-gun, Hong Soo-hyun and Song Min-joo. It aired on KBS2 from September 15 to November 4, 2003 Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:50 for 16 episodes.[1][2]

Sang-doo! Let's Go to School
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Also known asLet's Go to School, Sang-doo!
All for Love
Written byLee Kyung-hee
Directed byLee Hyung-min
Gong Hyo-jin
Park Geon-il
Country of originSouth Korea
No. of episodes16
Producer(s)Lee Hyung Min

Lee Eung Bok

Kwak Jung Hwan
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running timeMondays and Tuesdays at 21:50 (KST)
Production company(s)KBS Media
Original networkKorean Broadcasting System
Picture format1080i HDTV
Original releaseSeptember 15 (2003-09-15) –
November 4, 2003 (2003-11-04)
Preceded bySummer Scent
Followed byShe is the Best
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Cha Sang-doo (Rain) and Chae Eun-hwan (Gong Hyo-jin) were best friends growing up, who secretly have crushes on each other. One day, Eun-hwan's family goes bankrupt and debtors rush to collect their belongings. Eun-hwan tries to reason with a debt collector who is taking her father's old record player, but he takes it anyway. Sang-doo, on his way to walk to school with Eun-hwan, sees the whole thing. He tries to purchase it from the man, but is refused. In a struggle to retrieve the record player, Sang-doo ends up throwing a man off a bridge and putting him in a coma. Sang-doo is sent to prison for assault. After being released from prison, he finds that his parents have disowned him and moved to America and Eun-hwan has run off with her family.

Years pass, and Sang-doo now has a daughter, Cha Bo-ri (Song Min-joo), from a one night stand with Han Se-ra (Hong Soo-hyun). She is sick and diagnosed with leukemia. In order to pay off her hospital bills, Sang-doo becomes a gigolo. His uncle (Lee Young-ha) was a former gigolo and gives him advice on the trade.

One day, he comes across his long-lost first love, Eun-hwan, who is now a high school math teacher in his city. In an effort to regain her love, he returns to high school, first as a security guard and then as a student in her class. Unfortunately, she is engaged to his daughter's doctor, Kang Min-suk (Lee Dong-gun). Min-suk and Sang-doo start off as rivals, vying for Eun-hwan's heart, but later end up as good friends. As everything seems to be going smoothly for Sang-doo and Eun-hwan, circumstances prevent them from staying together.



Cha Sang-doo – Rain (also known as Bi)
Sang-doo is the protagonist of the drama. As a boy, he was charismatic and always popular. One day, he tried to retrieve his first love's cherished possession, but in the process kills a man. His life was turned upside down - he was sent to prison, his parents disowned him, and his first love disappeared. He ends up having a child with Han Se-ra. His daughter Bo-ri has leukemia and to pay her medical bills, he secretly becomes a gigolo with the help of his uncle.
Chae Eun-hwan – Gong Hyo-jin
Eun-hwan has been in love with her childhood best friend since high school, but was separated from him due to her family's financial troubles. As a sign of her devotion to him, she takes care of his dog until the day they reunite.
Kang Min-suk – Lee Dong-gun
Min-suk is Eun-hwan's fiancé and also happens to be Cha Bo-ri's attending physician. Initially, he dislikes Sang-doo and always finds ways to challenge him. Eventually, he gets to know Sang-doo's true character and becomes one of his best friends.
Han Se-ra (aka Pal-ran) – Hong Soo-hyun
Se-ra is a wannabe model. She was abandoned by her birth mother when she was young and has lived on her own ever since. She met Sang-doo at a restaurant and fell in love with him. After giving birth to Bo-ri, she gave her up for adoption because she was unable to pay for her medical bills. Sang-doo retrieves Bo-ri and raises her. Se-ra uses this to stay close to Sang-doo.



  1. 세상끝까지
  2. My Love - Jung Chul
  3. Beautiful Thing
  4. 난 멈추지 않는다
  5. 내안의 다짐
  6. Someday
  7. 단념
  8. 내 어린 시절 그 바닷가(연주곡)
  9. Silver Lining
  10. Perfectly Numb
  11. 바람속으로
  12. 세상끝까지


Episode Nationwide Seoul
1 20.1% (1st) 20.9% (1st)
2 22.8% (1st) 23.6% (1st)
3 28.0% (1st) 28.7% (1st)
4 30.8% (1st) 31.1% (1st)
5 32.3% (1st) 32.7% (1st)
6 34.4% (1st) 34.6% (1st)
7 36.2% (1st) 36.5% (1st)
8 35.7% (1st) 36.2% (1st)
9 36.1% (1st) 36.7% (1st)
10 36.2% (1st) 37.0% (1st)
11 36.6% (1st) 37.1% (1st)
12 36.5% (1st) 37.0% (1st)
13 36.8% (1st) 37.5% (1st)
14 37.0% (1st) 37.8% (1st)
15 37.6% (1st) 38.4% (1st)
16 38.4% (1st) 39.1% (1st)


2003 KBS Drama Awards
2004 Baeksang Arts Awards
  • Most Popular Actor (TV) – Rain


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