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Sanda Thudamma was the last king to rule over a powerful Mrauk U Kingdom. After his death in 1684 The kingdom continued for another 100 years with kings averaging reigns of four years. In Bengali, he is known as King Shrichondro Sudhormo. The famous Bengali poet Syed Alaol was the poet in his court. He translated Tohfa at the request of Shrichondro Sudhormo or Sanda Thudhamma.

Sanda Thudhamma
King of Arakan
PredecessorThado of Mrauk-U
SuccessorThiri Thuriya

He also known for his betrayal and raping the daughter of mughal prince Shah Shuja. He is regarded as a criminal and scornful character.

Solaiman was a minister of King Shrichondro Sudhormo.

Prince Magan Thakur was the foster-son of the sister of King Shrichondro Sudhormo.

Saiyad Muhammad Musa was the army chief of King Shrichondro Sudhormo.



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