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Sanda Thudamma or Shrichandra Sudhormo was a Hindu Burmese-Bengali king of the Mrauk U Kingdom. Widely recognised as a major controversial figure among Muslims in Bengal, several historians and authors described him as an immoral ruler and womanizer. His atrocities include betraying the Mughal prince and Governor of Bengal Subah, Shah Shuja, murdering three of his sons, raping and forcing to commit suicide his daughter Banu Begum, who was Islamically married to one of Emperor Aurangzeb's son, and imprisoning the pregnant daughter of King Narapdigyi who was starved to death.

Sanda Thudhamma
King of Arakan
PredecessorThado of Mrauk-U
SuccessorThiri Thuriya

The famous Bengali poet Syed Alaol was the poet in his court. He translated Tohfa at the request of Shrichondro Sudhormo or Sanda Thudhamma.

Prince Magan Thakur was the foster-son of the sister of King Shrichondro Sudhormo. Saiyad Muhammad Musa was the army chief of King Shrichondro Sudhormo.



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